Slow motion Louis Catch

Here’s the catch at 1/5 the speed, with Whitney Houston providing vocals. I don’t know why.


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  1. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Freaking AUsome! Another video classic!

  2. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Love these…

    Just went back and watched all the old ones… gotta love some Meatloaf!

    Really think the Iron Bowl vid shoud be played on the Tigertron before the game!

    I think we can win again this year…


    Wish I could be there, but it’ll have to be in spirit.

  3. AuburnFish Says:

    That’s AUsome! Hey JCMac, remember our talk about Saban stealing play calls. I found this while I was doing some digging:

  4. bamasucks Says:

    Am I the last one to see this?

  5. AuburnFish Says:

    Bama Up! Haha. I’ve seen it quite a few times, but it never gets old.

  6. Spencer Lee Says:

    Nope, you were NOT the last one to see Bama Up…I had not. Classic! :)

  7. Music City Tiger Says:

    And Spencer, you are NOT the last one either. I “beat” you to that position. :)

    Mark, there is no way to make that play get old. I could be singing the vocals to that video and it still would be awesome to watch it.

  8. Tdog Says:

    Okay @ about 1:30 watching the fans in the background and their faces and jaws drop open is pure priceless!! And then there’s that poor dude, right there AT THE ENDZONE and he’s turned around watching…something?? The clock?? A bird?? Totally missed THE CATCH!!! Wow!

  9. mark Says:

    There are a few people who are turned around. I’m pretty sure they’re looking at the play on the video board. Remember, the play started on the other side of the field which is hard to see from endzone seats close to the ground.

  10. Music City Tiger Says:’s article on the play hits the nail on the head on the feeling watching the play unfold.

  11. JC in FLA Says:

    I love slo mo of the UGA DB putting his hands on his helmet when he realizes Louis got it and was scoring !

  12. Spencer Lee Says:

    I think some people were turned around b/c they couldn’t stand to watch…

    MCT, I concur…we could put the video of that catch to the sounds of a horse giving birth and it would still rock. lol

    That Tyler Siskey character is right out of the Bill Bellichek / Nick Saban mold. The former LITERALLY and the latter in spirit. Stay classy uat.

  13. Walt Says:

    I think they were turned around watching the video board. That’s what I have to do in order to see ANYTHING with how bad my faculty seats are. Really the only thing I get out of being there is just the benefit of the atmosphere, which is AWESOME. Otherwise I have a much better view on my couch.

  14. Tdog Says:

    Getting pumped. It has begun.

  15. Spencer Lee Says:

    It has indeed begun…..AUsome video. There is unfinished business ahead.

  16. JC in FLA Says:

    I see we had some big time players commit to AU this week. Man, all of this can only do wonders for our future ! I need to go and buy some darker shades !

  17. Tdog Says:

    I just looked at my post from a year ago regarding the Iron Bowl:

    I’m betting $10 on Auburn…then if we win, I will make so much money off the odds that I will be able to retire. I will say, if we DO WIN and that’s IF, combine that with the death of the Twinkie, then I will say well played Mayans, well played….

    Wow, what a difference a year makes…and the Twinkie is BACK too baby! Take that Mayans!!! This also proves that somehow, Auburn’s fate is tied directly to delicious, high-fructose corn syrup laced cakes and nomables. Bammers should make HoHo’s illegal at any moment.

  18. Spencer Lee Says:

    AU’s fortunes have also been loosely tied to the Boston Red Sox. Boston wins the World Series in 2004….AU goes 14-0. Boston’s 2007 World Series had less correlation to AU’s gridiron gang – 9-4. Then a World title just a month ago and now the sky is still the limit with this year’s Tigers. Who knows?

    Good luck on that 10 spot Tdog…hope you turn that into a big wad of cash! :)

  19. Tdog Says:

    Spence, that was my post from last year…I don’t think I’d make near as much money betting on a Tiger win as I would have last year (if we had won!). :)

  20. Spencer Lee Says:

    Ah…true. If you could have taken the odds of AU/UA this past August you could have gotten 20 to 1 I’m sure. Now…more like 5 to 1. :)

  21. Music City Tiger Says:

    Spencer, that co relation is a perfect example of Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy ;)

  22. Walt Says:

    MCT, I came so close to making a comment that would have been sooooooo wrong in relation to yours. Suffice to say it involved this time of year and other sharpshooters in Texas and yyyyyyyyyyyeah.

  23. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Hey Tdog, ye olde video has has already been blocked with great haste and pregudice.

  24. Music City Tiger Says:

    Walt, that comment would have absolutely floored me, I am sure.

    50 years tomorrow though!

  25. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt wow….shame on me for totally missing that reference. I was thinking you were taking a dig @ the Dallas Cowboys….the gang who can’t shoot straight.
    I get it now.

    MCT fill me in on the TX Sharpshooter Fallacy. Is it an engineering thing? If so I won’t have a clue.

  26. JC in FLA Says:

    Hey, that Dee Ford is a beast….what year is he in? He seems to be a Nick Fairley type that is around every play.

  27. Music City Tiger Says:

    Spencer, not really engineering thing. It’s when people ignore thousands of differences while concentrating on “coincidences” to make a theory.

  28. Walt Says:

    JC, Dee Ford is a senior. One of the few we’re losing, this year. We’ll lose Ford, Eguae, Holland, and one or two of the DBs on defense. On offense we’ll probably lose Greg Robinson to the draft, since he’s a redshirt sophomore and projected to go in the first round. We MAY lose Tre Mason to the draft, though I hope not.

  29. Music City Tiger Says:

    We lose Holland, but I doubt we will miss him. A for effort to him, but that’s it.

    I am more worried about losing Tre Mason, but if we retain most of our OL, we should be good with putting in one of the 4 or 5 star recruits we keep getting.

    We also lose Chris Davis, Ryan Smith, Whitaker, Porsch, Clark, Parkey, and Porsch. That’s some leadership we will be losing to graduation, hopefully some of the juniors step up big time, but lets worry about that after this wonderful season is over.

  30. Spencer Lee Says:

    MCT, thanks for the info on TX Sharpshooter Fallacy.

    I had not heard of Greg Robinson being that highly regarded draft wise. Also forgot he is a Redshirt Soph and thus eligible. He’s a stud no doubt but didn’t realize how high he might go. Tre Mason has nothing left to prove…I couldn’t fault the guy for leaving if he does. He’ll be hard to truly replace. We’ll have guys that bring something to the table next year – Grant/speed; CAP/toughness. And there are other guys behind them that just need a chance (Jonathan Ford being one). Chris Davis will be bigger shoes to fill. His physical style and sound technique as a DB set him apart – but he’s also the best punt returner we’ve had since Thomas Bailey over 20 years ago. Parkey and Clark’s replacements will be a big deal too. But the part I’m excited about is seeing what Gus can do with mostly a returning cast on offense…including the top 2 QBs. THAT ought to be fun!

  31. Music City Tiger Says:

    Could Auburn actually have a returning starter at QB next year? :)

  32. Tdog Says:

    I wonder, depending how this season ends, if Tre would stay around for a possible NC run, a SEC title (assuming we don’t make it to ATL this year) or possible Heisman talk for next year? He honestly bleeds orange and blue, he might stay around to see the Tigers all the way through to the top, maybe?

  33. AuburnFish Says:

    I hope we don’t lose Tre, but we will be okay on offense still. Lots of talent at RB still and we have a nice corps of young receivers that will only get better. The major losses on D are slightly troubling, given that all (or most) of them have made major impact plays this year.

  34. AuburnFish Says:

    Oh, and I forgot about both our kickers. Those guys have been stellar and they don’t get enough credit for the job they do in the field position battle. We’ve been blessed with great kickers for the last long while, so I hope there is someone ready to step up and carry on that tradition!

  35. Walt Says:

    MCT, we won’t be losing Whitaker. He redshirted this year due to his injury.

  36. Music City Tiger Says:

    Oh right, forgot about that.

    AuburnFish, our back up kicker was #1 in the country coming out of the high school. He is a freshman.

  37. Walt Says:

    We should be pretty good for kickers, next year. Both our incoming FG kicker and punter were either #1 or #2 in the nation at their positions. If there’s one thing I love that Auburn has done, it’s make sure we recruit quality kickers. I know a lot of schools just pull walk-ons off the soccer team or from the student body because they don’t want to “waste” a scholarship on a kicker. The kicking game is so important and I’m glad we dedicate a scholarship for each so that we get the best!

  38. Spencer Lee Says:

    OMG……….somebody get Walt in front of a computer. GA Southern beat Florida in the Swamp!!!!! GA Southern didn’t even have to complete a single pass all game. Holy Freakin Cow!!! 26-20 Eagles. The cnnsi write up called it the worse loss in school history. Walt will take exception to this being called “worst” anything…I’d say it was awesome myself. :)

  39. Jason Says:

    My Gator friends have been very quiet this year. Which has been kind of nice.

    Oregon got stomped today by unranked Arizona, so that’s one more team in front of our Tigers out of the way. We need to cheer for an Okie State victory tonight over Baylor, then we’ll just need Sparty to take out the Ohio Tree Berries to have a path to the championship game under control.

  40. Walt Says:

    I AM IN A GLASS CAGE OF EMOTION. GATA EAGLES!! HAIL SOUTHERN!!! I watched every minute of that game on ESPN3 on my AppleTV with my dad and brother. What a day! Last game as FCS, and our first FBS victory!

    Somewhere tonight, Erk Russell, an Auburn Tiger, UGA Dawg, and GAU Eagle is smoking a big cigar with the Almighty for that win over Florida. What an amazing game. And Florida can’t even claim injuries. GSU had NINETEEN players out with injuries. Our original starting QB was playing A-back and a FRESHMAN was playing QB because our RB depth was so low. They won turnover battle by two, and they were COSTLY turnovers for us. One was on their 2 and the other our own 17 that led to their first TD. What. A. Game.

  41. Spencer Lee Says:

    I saw none of it Walt….just saw the score and read the write up. I was elated for you….and frankly for myself too. None of us have heard from our Gator friends this year but let’s me honest. They tend to be among the worst when things are going well for them so screw ‘em. Indeed Erk Russell would have been enormously proud of his old Eagles!

  42. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Congrats to Walt on the GSU win!

  43. Tdog Says:

    Wow…go OSU…@$&% is about to get real.

  44. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:


  45. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Take care of business and root for MSU against OSU!

  46. Gaines Harrell Says:

    War Wildcats! War Cowboys! This will be a very interesting Iron Bowl!!! War Damn Eagle!!!

  47. Jason Says:

    Likely #4 in the AP poll and probably #5 in USA Today and Harris. Since Clemson played today while we were idle, that might close the gap between the two tigers in the computer polls, allowing Auburn-on-a-Lake to inch past Real Auburn in the BCS. Then again, they played The Citadel, which will hurt their strength of schedule.

    Any of the historians want to let us know when was the last time both teams in the Iron Bowl were in the top 5? Some time in the 80s perhaps?

  48. Brandon Says:

    Holy cow. The Iron Bowl now has national title implications! 2012 seems like a lifetime ago!

  49. Ft Worth John Says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger – boom goes the dynamite!

  50. Jason Says:

    Lee Corso will be in town for the Iron Bowl. Don’t forget your Fresno State signs!

  51. Jason Says:

    They answered my ranking question on

    1971 was the last time both teams were in the top five entering the Iron Bowl. Alabama won that game so this is a chance to correct a 42 year old blemish.

  52. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    I don’t want together the cart before the horse, but Bammer still leads this series 42-34-1… I said in 2004 or 2005 (not on here mind you) that AU would lead the series by 2025.

    I am not going to wish my life away to get to the future, but this game could help go a long way in cementing this prediction!


    AU-nac will try to be spot on in his prognostication, but win or lose it will be great to be an Auburn Tiger and better than being something washing over from the other side of the state.

  53. Tdog Says:

    If Clemson passes us, I…I don’t even know what I’ll do….

    The magnitude of this Iron Bowl is beyond insane. But win or lose, I’m just happy to be where we are, and see where we’re going. A win would be great, but just to put that nightmare of last year behind us is a true celebration.

    Sorry UF/Muschamp, it seems we passed it on to you. Also, I’d like to give a shoutout and get well soon to Murray…to get hurt like that vs. Kentucky is just bad.

  54. Jason Says:

    Our Tigers are 11 point underdogs in this game. If I were a betting man, I’d take the Tigers and the points. If the game is close, I think Auburn wins. If Alabama wins, I think it’ll because we see a four quarter long repeat of the last quarter of the Georgia game and a much larger margin than 11 points. Since my heart says that won’t happen, we get a see-saw slugfest on the Plains.

    My early prediction:

    The Gus Bus: 31
    Saban’s Rollerskates: 30

  55. Walt Says:

    We’re up to #4 in the BCS standings! I can’t believe it after last year. This is going to be the most insane Iron Bowl, ever.

    However, I can’t even begin to focus on it, yet. I’m still riding a high from GSU’s win, yesterday. If you’d told me this time last week that anything could distract me from this Iron Bowl, I would have told you that you’re insane.

  56. Bob Loblaw Says:

    WE’RE #4!

    Yep, after last year, I’m dang proud of that.

    If we’re competitive with Bama and lose, the loss will hurt, but I’ll look back and be amazed at the turnaround in team chemistry between last year and this year. We’ve come from being beyond an afterthought in pre-season to being in the top five.

    If we beat Bama, this will be one of my favorite seasons as an AU fan.

    The last two years, I went into the Iron Bowl knowing we had zero chance of winning. This year we have a good fighting chance to pull the upset.

    The pre-game hype has thus far all been on our run offense vs. Bama’s run defense, but this game will come down to what happens when our defense is on the field. I hope Mr. Ford and A.J. are well-acquanted by the end of this one.

    My head says Bama wins, but my heart hears chants of “It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger” fading into the the reverse Rammer Jammer as the clock strikes :00 and we party like it’s 1989.

  57. Jason Says:

    Honk if You Sacked Brodie Croyle:

    Hope there’s reason to make a similar AJ video. Until then:

  58. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Ok, this video of Crowe and Pate calling “The Miracle” is pretty awesome. Watch Crowe’s prediction…

    Ok, is anyone going to Game Day? Anyone going to the Arena to watch the game? I’m mulling it over, and highly considering both options. Wanted to see if we could get an Auburner contingent together. War Damn Eagle!

  59. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Oh, and a great compare/contrast of the calls of “The Miracle” by Bramblett and by UGA’s Howard and Zeier:

  60. Lisa Says:

    SOOOOO excited about this game! On an unrelated note, I will be getting my Bammer Sister in Law a houndstooth Kas-a-dilla maker for Christmas. I can’t believe I had never seen that video!

  61. Music City Tiger Says:

    Iron Bowl week is here!!!!!!!

  62. AuburnFish Says:

    Let hate week begin!

  63. Lisa Says:

    I’m not saying that I hate Bama, but if their stadium caught on fire and I had a glass of water … I’d drink it.

  64. JC in FLA Says:

    Ouch Lisa ! Is that equal to holding a beer at a baseball game and deciding to catch the foul ball or let go of the beer ?

  65. Lisa Says:

    I guess it would depend on what kind of beer I was drinking!

  66. Ft Worth John Says: pointed this out earlier today – Bear wore “plaid” hats, not “houndstooth”.

    I don’t think this will hurt Hank’s business because the uat crowd won’t let facts affect their opinions.

  67. Ft Worth John Says:

    I think this one works.

  68. Spencer Lee Says:

    Good job Ft. Worth…I was around then and never thought about it. Good stuff Lisa! Gaines good find on the UGA radio guys. Had not heard that one. I’ll be diving back from the sprawling metropolis of Flomaton, AL Saturday. The best I would be able to do is Toomer after the game – which I would only go to after a W….so my participation is pending.

  69. Spencer Lee Says:

    p.s. Gaines, you’ve got my number. If we win I’m 150% sure there will be texts going back and forth between us. Somewhere after some WDE’s will figure out where we are respectively. :)