I cannot comprehend this. WAR EAGLE!!!!

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  1. Jason Says:

    Charm… karma… blessed… lucky… destiny… hard work, call it whatever you want, this is amazing!

  2. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:


    Well, I was right on Auburn’s 34.

    AU-nac will be happy to continue his prognostications.

    Lets get ready for the next game!

    Way to not give-up!

  3. Matt Says:

    Congrats to all of y’all…. Can’t find it in myself to say much else right now… Good luck in Atlanta

  4. Music City Tiger Says:

    I shouted loud enough for my dog to start howling with me!

    Saban is now 0-6against Auburn teams with at least 9 wins.

  5. Jason Says:

    Punt Bama Punt

    no wait,

    Kick Bama Kick!

  6. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Great game by both teams. Just wow!!! War Damn Eagle!!!!!!

  7. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    This is how the Iron Bowl should be every year… big game, big finish, and close!

    Makes the rivalry sweeter!

    Would have hated to lose, but would have left proud of our team… BUT THEY BROUGHT IT HOME!

    To any Bama people around… tonight belongs to us, but tomorrow starts another year to prepare! Thank you for a hard played game!

  8. Big Swoll Says:

    The experts didn’t want to give us a shot, but we went out and EARNED our way! Amazing cap to an amazing regular season, thanks for sharing it Auburners! Now to Hotlanta and beyond!

  9. MB Says:

    Great Game! Totally lived up to the hype. The ‘experts’ can all go back to their day jobs and let the games be played on the field!

  10. Ft Worth John Says:

    That’s about as good as it gets. Give them hope and then snatch it away from them. As always, win or lose, it’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger!

  11. Bob Loblaw Says:

    The last two games may be the best back to back final finishes in Auburn history.

    War Eagle!

  12. AuburnFish Says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!! I am still trying to get my heart rate down to normal levels. That was so great on many levels. All the Bammers, media, and even most Auburn fans didn’t think Auburn would win. I always believed and apparently so did they. I can’t really gather any coherent thoughts right now, just overwhelmingly happy! WDE !!!

  13. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Bramblett’s call:

  14. JCMac Says:

    There will be a fair amount of paintings made about this season.

    I thought Danielson, the commentator said it best earlier in the week. To beat Bama you have to hit them where it hurts. We did what we were good at, extremely effectively.

    If people don’t start talking about our offensive line now there are real problems in the media. This is one of the best offensive lines in the history of Auburn. They deserve steak dinners, accolades on accolades, and hot bikini ladies. They are the reason!!!

    I would also say, both teams made a fair amount of mistakes tonight. Auburn made its mistakes at the right times. I’m glad we don’t have to play them again, crosses fingers, toes, and all else that is crossable.


    Bama …….. Beaten.

  15. mark Says:

    Has Walt just experienced the most incredible three weeks possible for a college football fan?

  16. Tdog Says:


  17. Tdog Says:

    I’m sorry, I’m still in shock. I thought we’d win, but. to like that. For real. My brain is still numb…is this real life??????

  18. Walt Says:

    Y’all. Y’all. That happened. I screamed. I lost my mind. I rushed the field. My brother and I partied and hugged random strangers singing “We Are the Champions” at midfield. We went to Toomer’s. We celebrated. We won. I got on GameDay with my Georgia Southern sign. The GSU AD tweeted to me about it. Georgia Southern beat Florida. We beat Georgia. We beat Georgia on a play I thought could never be topped. Then tonight happened. We won. We won on a 109 yard field goal return after a ridiculous TD pass with 30 seconds left. I cannot compute. I’m going to go smoke a cigar and drink some Scotch. I’ll see y’all tomorrow if I survive the night.

  19. ibewbrother Says:

    My birthday is Tuesday…December 3. I will have lived on this planet for 39 years at that point. Every one of them has been spent as an Auburn fan. I can not think of another game that equals this one. I was at Jordan-Hare on Dec 2, 1989….and that one was BIG; but I think this was bigger……by a long shot

    The games were similar….the bookies didn’t give us much of a chance….(I almost thought Saban or his kicker was trying to shave points tonight), but we pulled it off.

    The very first time the Iron Bowl would decide the SEC West champs…..two highly ranked teams. Make no mistake….EVERYBODY was watching tonight.

    What did our Tigers do???? Blow everyone’s mind…..We couldn’t have scripted it more perfectly. They thought us a fluke after the Louis catch….NOW??? I wouldn’t be surprised to find that we were accused of practicing Voodoo……

    Tonight I count as one of ….if not THE… best as an Auburn man. 2010 was good….no doubt….but this time….it’s different.

    Two to go…..WAR DAMN EAGLE


  20. Bob Loblaw Says:

    With the way things are going lately, Walt may run out of cigars!

  21. Spencer Lee Says:

    First of all Thanks Matt. Great game from 2 great teams. I didn’t see a single play but will search out a reply if that comes up.

    Amazing game….WDE!

  22. Big Swoll Says:

    The neighborhood here got a full dose of Big Swoll at full throttle! Running up and down the street whooping and War Eagling at top volume. Although I was the only person publicly vocalizing their elation, this game was so big I suspect much of the neighborhood and West Coast for that matter was watching it.

  23. Spencer Lee Says:

    LOVE that scene Big Swoll!

  24. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Spence, I know you are in Auburn but see if you can score me a copy of the B’ham news… and of course the O-A news. I just know the main page spread will be epic.

  25. to2 Says:


    Front pages from newspapers across the country.

  26. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly remembered that this really happened:

  27. JC in FLA Says:

    How did you go to sleep Bob ?
    I have rolled my Sycamore tree here in Melbourne, FL !
    This beats the NC game in 2010 easily !

  28. Walt Says:

    Am I here? Am I still alive? I think I am. That whole game is a blur in my memory. The celebration afterwards is an orange and blue haze of hugging everyone in sight in the stands and screaming at the top of my lungs. It’s walking through the gate with my brother onto the field in complete shock. It’s wandering around campus and up to Toomer’s Corner and over to Samford lawn and back to Toomer’s again and constantly looking at my brother in amazement and saying “That happened.” I think I used that exact phrase at least 30 times. We won the Iron Bowl. We won the Iron Bowl on a play that should never happen. We won on a play that EASports even felt the need to make known isn’t even possible in their video games. There is no way to replicate the ending to that game.

    I am still in shock. That happened, y’all. That happened.

  29. JC in FLA Says:

    WALT, IT HAPPENED and we are soooooooooo fortunate to witness it !

  30. Jason Says:

    The AP and USA Today polls are out. Auburn received two first place votes in the AP, and is ranked third in both though the vote gap between the Tigers and the Buckeyes isn’t too large. Since the BCS uses percentage of maximum possible votes rather than position to determine the human components of the rankings, this is good for Auburn. Hopefully the Harris poll is about the same as the other two. By the way, does anyone know if the Harris poll is going to be discontinued next year since it was a creation of the BCS? It never has really caught on with fans and seems to exist mainly to help the BCS limp through its final days.

    The big thing now is getting the team back down to earth and ready for next week. That’s going to be quite the task for the coaching staff. How can the team not think they’re a team of destiny? Mizzou is a pretty serious threat and that’s going to be one hell of a battle.

  31. JCMac Says:

    Jason, I agree. This reminds me of the “Miracle Hockey Team of 1980″ — Spencer, if you could provide more insight on this I would appreciate… As I am a young kid unwanted on someone’s lawn. If I recall correctly after they beat the Soviets, they could have still lost it all. They still had teams to beat.

    It’s great to beat bama!!! I love it, but we can all look back on this even more fondly winning out, no matter where we get placed as it comes to the BCS. If we win out it will be sweet… we don’t want bitter sweet!

    Also, please tell me that CBS will stop doing our games. There is an obvious bama bias among Verne and Gary. I listened to the ending of the game again and Verne had more excitement in his voice about an Alabama tackle in the first quarter than one of the greatest final plays of all time! They dismiss it and claim that both sides get after them for the way they call games… but I don’t have the same issue for ESPN. Kudos to Rece Davis who is an Alabama fan and his commentary on the highlights were much better than Verne and Gary. They sounded like someone just ran over their dog.

    Also, Matt much respect to you bro— If we get too high on this forum, please bring us down to Earth! I hope for your sake Alabama beats their bowl opponent. See you in Bryant-Denny next year :)

  32. Jason Says:

    Wacky BCS… not only do we need to be Sparty fans next week, we have to be Huskie fans. Northern Illinois is ranked second in Sagarin, pushing OSU down to third in that computer. If they lose to Bowling Green in the MAC championship game, that pushes OSU (provided they win against MSU) up in the computer ranking average. Since all their rankings are 2 and 3, dropping the highest and lowest doesn’t do anything for them but changing a 3 to a 2 does. Sagarin has Auburn as #6 so even a win of Mizzou is unlikely to put us ahead of the Buckeyes and it’s our “lowest rank” throw away.

  33. Music City Tiger Says:

    I hope that the voters would love for the SEC’s streak end with one of the “weak” teams representing them in the MNC game. And the prospect of that team being Auburn, who didn’t belong in 2010 according to them, would be even more tempting,well, at least I hope so. ;)

  34. Music City Tiger Says:

    SEC championship week is here and Auburn is one of the participating team.
    In fact the two teams in this game went 0-8 & 2-6 in the SEC last year. So who is the Cinderella team?

  35. Lisa Says:

    Bammers were served some crow for dinner with humble pie for dessert. I hope they managed to get through the night without poisoning, painting or sexually assaulting anyone or anything. I would have loved to have seen Updyke’s reaction to the game.

  36. JC in FLA Says:

    Good one Lisa ! So, I wonder how rich I would be if I would have laid Vegas odds on us and Mizzou in the championship game ? Hey, after Sat, I am not losing sleep over any more of this getting to Pasadena or anything….in my eyes, the rest is gravy on my left over turkey…so hear the Ala kicker is getting death threats….the Updykes of the world will always be out there !

  37. Kenny Says:

    I had originally intended to be with sons, Walt and Cliff. I made the decision to go take my brother to the Tech game, possibly his last game due to health reasons. I had no service in in Bobby Dodd Stadium but, since I was wearing an AU pullover, fans around me kept me updated as they could get service. As I walked from the stadium, fans from Tech and UGA began telling me the story of an unbelievable finish. I was in shock! When I got to the car, I got THE CALL from Walt! Through the cell phone, I was able to be a small part of a victory celebration that I will never forget. Thank you Gus, thank you coaching staff, thank you Auburn Tiger players and thank you Auburn Fans in attendance and around the world for an unforgettable game experience! It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!

  38. Big Swoll Says:

    @Spencer Lee You know the neighborhood is pretty quiet, lots of immigrants here, but the Mighty War Eagle flies high out West as well! Good one Lisa! Updyke may have had to be hospitalized after that game. Hmmmmm, I actually hope for an AUvOSU championship game. The ACC is the joke of all conferences and while I like FSU, they are not yet a NC caliber squad imo.

  39. Spencer Lee Says:

    JC Mac indeed you have recalled correctly. USA / USSR in 80 was the semifinal. The fact we got that far with college kids was remarkable enough. Russia was a jaugernaut and had beaten team USA in an exhibition something like 10-0 some months previously. They were loaded and we had a bunch of amateurs. But even after the miracle on ice we has to beat Finland for the gold- thus the Russians got bronze. The Russians had won every international hockey title since 1954 up until then…so you can see why that was so miraculous. It would be like one of our Dream Team basketball teams losing to a Junior College team in El Salvador. lol

    Big Swoll…that picture is about what I figured. :) I’ll have to disagree with your take on FSU. I’d say they are NC caliber. Not sure how good their 2nd string QB is…….THAT could make a difference.

    MCT….the fact Mizzou and AU were bottom dwellers last year and now are going to ATL is totally mind boggling. What WERE the odds BOTH teams would be there?! I know we were 200-1 to get into the BCS title game but haven’t seen mutual odds re: Mizzou.

  40. Brandon Says:

    Wow, what a play, what a game, and what a season. Malzahn really brings magic everywhere he goes. Just like in 2010, when Auburn had a half-dozen come from behind wins, these Tigers just refuse to quit. This has to be my favorite Auburn team ever.

    Check out this great article from former Auburn blogger Jerry Hinnen:

  41. Lisa Says:

    I guess you have all heard Alabama’s kicker is getting death threats. Who knew Updyke was computer saavy enough to set up a Twitter account?!

  42. Big Swoll Says:

    Lisa, he prolly has a young crony do it for him. Man, his wife must be one tolerant lady!

    SpencerLee, I think the program is on the right track at FSU and that they are building towards another dynasty status. But between the conference being so weak and the distractions surrounding their starting QB, I think OSU would dominate them, and I think AU would beat them up as well. But they should skate on in thanks to Duke being their conference championship game opponent :)
    Just seems that it’s in vogue with the media experts to bash OSU, but if there is any B1G team that should get merciless scrutiny and disdain, it’s got to be Nebraska….. what does it take for those cornballs to can their clearly unhinged coach? His results are mediocre and his behavior is vile.

  43. Auburn Fish Says:

    I am still basking in the win. One of the things that I enjoy most about the win is that we did it by playing hard-nosed football. We ran it at them and dared them to stop it. They could not, to the tune of 296 yards, which is just a little over 20 yards shy of our average. We only attempted 16 passes, that’s 7 more than we attempted against Arkansas! We converted 8 of 15 of our 3rd downs to their 4 of 13. Our special teams did what they do, which is play excellent. They had 75 total yards for kick-off/punt return yards. We all know how their FG attempts turned out, but let’s not forget our blocking one of those and of course, the last “kick for 6″ that Davis ran back with great blocking.

    I say all of this because all I have heard all day from coworkers is: “Alabama didn’t even show up, y’all only won because of that BS call for false start when we did kick a FG, etc.” The point is, Auburn executed and Alabama did not. We did what we have done all year, and they did not.

    Now, Mizzou scares the crap outta me! It ought to be another high blood pressure game!

  44. Tdog Says:

    The silence…oh, the glorious silence of my office today. I hung up my front-page spread of the Advertiser outside my office, and it will remain there until the next Iron Bowl.

    The general consensus is that they lost because Saban is ready to pack his bags and go, and isn’t focused. Which, I actually can believe. The lack of focus by the whole UA team is odd. Player interviews with players getting a bit cocky (Yes McTattoo, I’m looking at you) and looking ahead is very unlike the Saban regime. The lack of emotion from Saban on the sidelines, it all adds up. He just better have his escape strategy done, or they’ll kill him. I would expect an announcement right after this semester ends and he can get his daughter out of there. Then, and then, will the NCAA investigations begin. And somewhere, Bammers will cry in a corner as their “god” left them in a horrible mess. I would say this is a dream, but things are pointing to it becoming a reality.

  45. Spencer Lee Says:

    Good one Lisa! :) Big Swoll, your take on Bo Pellini is spot on. He is essentially daring them to fie him. His buy out is staggering but he has a sandpaper personality and thin skin……that combination is toxic.

  46. Spencer Lee Says:

    BTW, Walt I saw your twin flags on TV……beautiful!

  47. Ft Worth John Says:

    One of my Dallas friends told me that the Longhorns fired Saban today for his poor coaching effort in the Iron Bowl.
    It is obvious that whatever Malzahn and the guys were doing had Saban flustered and 2nd guessing at times late in the game. That’s why he definitely didn’t want OT.

  48. Spencer Lee Says:

    …and at the intersection of higher education and athletics there was this:

  49. JCMac Says:

    I want to make the note that I made these predictions at the beginning of the year. Even Au-Nac would be impressed.

    Memphis Mac Says:

    August 9th, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    Auburn comes in 2nd in the West.– Missed by one second.
    Auburn wins one of these (A&M, Georgia, Bama). —hailmary/second
    Auburn has 10 wins after the bowl game.— See Above.
    SEC does not when the NC this year.— Very Possible
    Oregon falls this year, along with LSU.— Both LSU and Oregon are down.
    Tennessee surprises.— Only in one game… almost 2
    Bama maintains, but does not make it.– Yep.
    My guess is Ohio State or FSU wins the NC.—I hope I am wrong on this one.

  50. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    True those were close to spot-on…

    I will still hold-out for Michi State to drop OSU on their butts…

    I am glad we have to take care of business first. It won’t matter if we don’t beat Mizzou, so I am glad we play first no pressure other than that to come out and play our best! Actually, if we win, all these pressure will be on OSU!

    Mizzou will bring theirs, but Gus and the team will be ready.

    Our job, cheer for AU and then cheer for MSU (will not call them Sparty… I hate that nickname).

  51. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    …. and by the way, well-play J, well played!

  52. jrgb4au Says:

    As they lined up for the kick I flashed back to when I was 9 years old with my cousins at the 85 Iron Bowl where Van Tiffin made that 50 plus field goal and remember my cousins rubbing it in-needless to say karma has a way of returning -pun intended- it later. WAR DAMN EAGLE and now lets show Mizzou who the real Tigers are.

  53. Spencer Lee Says:

    JCMac… Good prognosticating there buddy!

    BTW for what it’s worth I’ve done some contemplation of the various leap frog scenarios and it appears if MSU beats OSU and Mizzou beats us then Mizzou would jump UA and play in Pasadena. Mizzou is barely behind UA and a win over the # 3 team v. UA having no game to help them out = FSU / Mizzou. On the other hand, there still appears to be too much distance for us to jump OSU outright if all top 3 teams win. Main thing is we need to win our game…that alone would mean we officially went from 14th to 1st in one year. LET THAT POSSIBILITY SINK IN PEOPLE….

  54. JC in FLA Says:

    A buddy at the gym today said he heard about a fan that put $100 on us winning the NC in August and with the odds he would stand to win $50K if it happens ! Can you imagine ? LoL !

  55. Lisa Says:

    Don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 second for Daylights Sabans Time!

  56. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:


    Lisa, you just made my morning in clinic!

  57. Lisa Says:

    Three kids will be growing up with no Mom over a College Football game. No words.

  58. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Booch Chigguns starts a petition at

  59. Music City Tiger Says:

    Absolutely love this video!

  60. Big Swoll Says:

    has anyone else seen the front page of the espn website today? There, front and center is the main story….. all about how bammer could wind up in the NC game. GOOD GRIEF! GIVE IT UP! THE “DREAM” IS OVER! Do thye ever stop swinging from those crimson jock straps? Man, I really loath the mainstream media………

  61. Big Swoll Says:

    Actually I also loathe this sorry spellcheck here :P

  62. Jason Says:

    Sounds like Booch snuck into the pressbox.

  63. Spencer Lee Says:

    A true gem Jason….MCT that video was great…Lisa, that story goes light years past “disturbing” – wow….Big Swoll, that UA title shot is still alive and will remain so until and unless FSU beats Duke. THAT is the only chance they have…..which is admittedly VERY slim. Still their odds of getting to the title game while finishing 2nd in the SEC West was even slimmer, but they got in.

    That “petition” is a joke….but even more ridiculous is the 4,997 people that said “yeah, he’s out of bounds.” Apparently we need better vision coverage from BCBS of AL.

  64. Jason Says:

    Chris Davis made the cover of Sports Illustrated:

    It’s a good thing he accidentally was sent in by the coaches, accidentally caught the ball, accidentally got some great blocking, and accidentally tiptoed down the sideline before accidentally turning on the afterburners and accidentally scoring six.

  65. Big Swoll Says:

    Well said Jason!

  66. Lisa Says:

    It’s a miracle that we are 11-1 and we were well prepared for all but 1 game. It has nothing to do with coaching, our athletes or all the hard work this season. Lucky indeed!

  67. Jason Says:

    As the Roman philosopher Seneca said “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. The players and coaches have both worked hard on the preparation side of the equation. Me? I’ve worked hard on the cooking hot wings on game day side of things. :)