War Eagle!

41 Responses to “SEC CHAMPIONS! 59-42!”

  1. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    War Eagle guys!

    Great job team!

    Now prepare for whatever bowl…

    Oh and Go Spartans!

  2. Ft Worth John Says:

    I just hope we don’t have to play one of those “gimmicky” offenses with a really good rush defense. HAHHAHA WDE!!!

  3. Walt Says:

    War Eagle! That’s really all I can say, right now. Maybe I’ll be able to figure the rest out, later. SEC CHAMPS!!!

  4. AuburnFish Says:

    I shall frame this lucky shirt of mine. We played SOLID in the 4 quarter. Way to finish strong! WDE!!!

    The only thing I hated to see was Ryan White with the unnecessary late hit out of bounds. Have to keep your cool.

  5. Lisa Says:

    I have to wonder if Ryan couldn’t see where he was when he shoved. Hard to see with a hand in your face mask. I cringed when I saw Josey hit the golf cart. Ouch!

  6. Tdog Says:

    That was a GREAT fun game! Be proud Mizzou, it was amazing. I’m hoping Tre at least gets a ticket to NY and…just wow!!!! Wish I was here:

  7. Kenny Says:

    No superstitions on my part, but I have worn the same AU pullover to work on every Friday since the Ole Mrs. game!!! My LSU owners have not threatened to fire me, and I did win a 6 pack of Bud from a MIZZOU co-worker!!

    It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger fan and an Auburn Tiger father of two AU sons and an Auburn Tiger father-in-law and an Auburn Tiger brother and brother-in-law!

    Merry Christmas to the Auburn family!!!!

  8. Kathy Says:

    War Eagle! Great game! Great team and great coaching staff! What a difference a year makes!

  9. Ft Worth John Says:

    Counting the lsu/bama re-match, the SEC Champ is 16 – 5 in their bowl game since 1992.
    The SEC bowl record since 2001 is 59-38.
    Pac 10 is 37-34, Big 12 is 37-31, ACC has a losing record of 43-46 and the Big 10 has a losing record of 37-51.
    The best team from the best conference is the best team!

  10. MB Says:

    War Eagle! What a game! What a season! Let’s go Spartans!

  11. Music City Tiger Says:

    Auburn keeps making a mockery of defensive stat rankings. Mason’s stats were unreal.

  12. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Thank you Spartans!

    We now have our best chance for a shot at the title!


  13. Jason Says:

    Thank you Sparty Buddies! BAWK! BAWK!

  14. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Thank you Michigan State!!!!!!

  15. nick Says:


  16. Spencer Lee Says:

    Pasadena Bound people……Pasadena bound!!!!!!! WDE WDE WDE WDE WDE WDE WDE WDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jason Says:

    Not bad for a team that wasn’t even in the top twenty five until week 8 for the AP and week 9 for the BCS polls.

  18. hillrya Says:

    just bought plane some plane tickets. war damn.


  19. jrgb4au Says:

    Unbelievable what these guys accomplished this year-I was content with just beating Bama, and now an SEC Title and but wait there is more-a possible National Title. Again wow-to see Auburn win not 1 but maybe two National Titles in 4 years is just simply put-Great to be an Auburn Tiger.

    jrg, Auburn Class of 02

  20. Walt Says:

    Just bought my tickets and booked my flight. I’m going to Pasadena!!!!!!

  21. AuburnJunky Says:


  22. JC in FLA Says:

    Can you believe it….DESTINY’S CHILD !!

  23. Matt Says:

    improbable, 3 weeks ago you could have gotten 20:1 odds on au just making the championship game…. predictably the national media is already starting to frame this as a mismatch of sorts but I like y’all’s chances, FSUs best win was against a Clemson team that South Carolina beat handily after sleepwalking through half the game… If I find myself pulling for au in the last moments of the game like I did vs oregon in 2011 I’m really going to hate myself…. Best of luck. …. I wonder if Malzahn has formally signed that extension yet, his market value might be considerably higher than that pretty soon

  24. AuburnFish Says:

    It’s funny when I look back to our games before Arkansas and Tennessee, how worried we all were. If we only would have known then that we would be playing for the National Championship! Unbelievable!!!! WDE!!!!

  25. Big Swoll Says:

    WAR EAGLE! Few outside of the Auburn Fam may have foreseen this, but Idk how anyone can legit doubt us now :) I was also a bit disheartened by Whites foul play there but in his defense, he was fending off a nasty face mask attack as they careened out of bounds.
    Ft Worth John, just out of my curiosity that always seems to favor the underdogs, whats the Big East (Now American) conference bowl record for both BCS and otherwise bowl games? Many of their successful teams provided them with great bowl wins and then went on to stink it up in their new conferences after deserting the BE so I feel it serves them right!
    And I agree, how has Mason NOT been involved in the talk for representation at the storied NY Athletic club? He might not have the traditional gaudy “seasonal” stat numbers because he shares the field with so much talent, but if there is an engine running hotter in college football this year that that man, I aint seen it!

    Overall, gonna be too cool to have the Mighty War Eagle flying high on the West Coast here and will also be cool to see Au-nacs Pasadena edition!
    WAR EAGLE and while Im at it…… yeah, Battle Sparty (can’t bring myself to give em a War but much respect and thanks for their tremendous B1G championship game effort)!

  26. Walt Says:

    Matt, Gustav has signed the extension. From what I read he actually walke into Jacobs’ office after Thursday’s practice, said “let’s get this done” and they agreed and signed on the spot. Sexton is his agent, but apparently Gustav has negotiated both of his deals with Auburn by himself without his agent. I think he wanted to remove any discussion and controversy and decided to just get it done right then and there.

  27. JCMac Says:

    Awesome experience at the SEC championship game. Mizzou fans were great!

    I would like to thank a few people and instances that allowed this to happen.

    1. Nick Saban’s ego
    2. The DB at Georgia
    3. Sparty
    4. Fat guys
    5. Waffle House
    6. Hubba Bubba
    7.Puss in Boots
    8. Voodoo
    9. Organized and Disorganized religion (see voodoo)
    10. Blood pressure medication
    11. Batman
    12. Short fieldgoals, shanked punts, etc
    13. Nick Marshall’s stationary bike.
    14. A sewing machine
    15. Justin Timberlake
    16. Surprised/ crying bama fans
    17. A second
    18. Auburn football announcers
    19. Toliet paper wires
    20. Christopher Lloyd and the rest of the angels in the outfield

    Beat the Noles!
    War Eagle!

  28. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Also need to thank Charmin for not running-out of TP this fall when rolls were in great demand… and even LSU… some sports guys are saying how we fought until the end began to show this team’s cohesion and character. I suppose thank them that the loss didn’t kill our chance at the Title.

    We just need to lay the wood to their rear-ends next year to show our gratitude.

    Other than LSU-Bama, in modern times has there been any championship between two schools so close to each other.

  29. Tdog Says:

    It was like Christmas morning today. After getting up at 4 am yesterday and having a long day, I couldn’t make it through OU/MSU. I went to bed. When I awoke, the lack of texts made me believe Sparty had fallen. I staggered in the kitchen and asked my husband, “so, buckeyes won huh?” To which he replied “we’re going to the National Campionship baby!” I couldn’t believe my ears…and right behind me, on the TV there it was….it’s like a Christmas miracle!!!

    I believe in Santa and his elves.I believe in Bigfoot and Nessy having a winter home with the Yetti. After this year I believe anything is possible. I believe in these young men representing us on the field. And believe in Auburn and love it!!!!

  30. JC in FLA Says:

    I talked to an FSU fan last night before their game and the OSU game….knowing we won and how we won it, I could tell he was pulling for the Buckeyes, almost to say that their chances were much better playing Urban than having to face us. Hey, with almost 4 weeks to prepare and the quality of teams we played vs. the ACC schedule, I like our chances ! Then there is the Destiny thing going for us !

  31. Music City Tiger Says:

    Will be in India Jan 6th. Need to find websites to stream the game live.

  32. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    I gotta make sure I’m not on call… I’m calling in several favors… especially since I just found out that I got Christmas Eve and Christmas dumped on me.

  33. Big Swoll Says:

    There are others but just google firstrowsports and you should be set.

  34. JC in FLA Says:

    Did you all hear Tre Mason the other night saying the Heisman is one of his goals…soooooooooo, I assume that means he will be back for his Sr yr ? PLEASE, TRE, PLEASE !

  35. AuburnFish Says:

    I can’t imagine he stays, he is probably the best running back to declare this year, at the peak of his game with lots of national attention. Next year he will have to compete with Gurley, Yeldon, etc. I sure hope I’m wrong though. Tre and Marshall have an almost fluid-like chemistry with the zone-read that would lead to another great year next year.

  36. Spencer Lee Says:

    I can’t see him staying – and couldn’t blame him. If you would be a 1st or 2nd rounder now you’ll have a hard time improving your draft stock as a RB in the next year. Cadillac and Ronnie Brown came back and actually DID improve their status from 2nd/late 1st round to two of the first 5 picks – but that’s rare. Would love to have him and Greg Robinson (the other likely early departure) back for 2014 but that’s probably not going to happen. Regardless, I wish all our guys well…those that stay and those that go for a nice payday.

  37. JC in FLA Says:

    Yeah, I don’t blame them either. Tre is something else…can’t believe some of the bigger guys he runs over…oh well, the depth we have and maybe a couple good recruits will keep us going without skipping a beat.

  38. Music City Tiger Says:

    Thanks Big Swoll!

  39. Tdog Says:

    If we were not playing for the NC, I think he might stay, but if he has a beast game against FSU, he would be crazy not to go. So, I see him going.

    BTW, what ever did Auburn do to Lou Holtz? Why does he hate us so? I know he’s disliked us for years, but when he said he thought Alabama should have been #2 instead of us, well, it made my nose bleed and I just don’t get it?

    WHY IS IT A MONTH AWAY?!!??!?!?!?!?!

  40. JC in FLA Says:

    T dog, I’m not sure either about Lou. Jesse Palmer also disrespects us. There are a few that just don’t like Auburn. Holtz is alone though…notice Mark May looks at him like he is a crazy person when he blurts those things out. He needs to ride off into the sunset, but not gonna happen probably. I also hate a month to wait. In ’10, I didn’t think it would ever come vs. the Ducks.

  41. Big Swoll Says:

    Holtz can be a bit much for me as well (often!). But he was the only panel member on espn’s bowl selection show to pick us to prevail in Pasadena.