Bowl Pick’em Game

Commenter JCMac set it up for us.. password is wareagle:

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  1. Big Swoll Says:

    I would really enjoy participating, but do I have to give them (best buy?) personal info or can I just use the password and try it for fun, forgoing any prizes?

  2. mark Says:

    You have to have an ESPN ID.. which you can just put in garbage info for (you may need a valid e-mail address.. I don’t remember).

    When it comes to all the Facebook stuff and “e-mail your friends to join” things, be sure to hit “skip,” and it’ll still let you play.

  3. Walt Says:

    I use my throw-away/spam mail e-mail to set things like this up. A special e-mail address used for things I don’t want to fill up my normal inbox with. You can skip most of the rest of it.

  4. Ft Worth John Says:

    After some study, I have concluded that fsu is about the same as Mizzou – only with a much easier schedule. If they flip-flopped schedules, Mizzou would probably have extremely close stats. They’re close now even with the much tougher schedule. IMHO. WDE!

    (disclaimer: I rarely let facts and statistics interfere with my opinions. I learned it from Mrs. Ft Worth John. Please don’t tell her.)

  5. Gaines Harrell Says:

    At the risk of being called a plagiarist, this is my prediction for the BCSCG. It’s the only logical step after “The Miracle at J-H”, “Kick, Bama, Kick”, and “No way the Tigers lose this SECCG”:

  6. JCMac Says:

    I think that is accurate Ft. Worth. I do think they have a better quarterback and secondary. I’m pretty sure we will be able to run on them… unless they scheme something up.

  7. Ft Worth John Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Tiger Transit has been outfitted with new fuel capacity to allow a cross-country flight. I just hope they win Battle of the Bands so they can afford the fuel. I hope Telluride is not in it.

  8. Walt Says:

    I think FSU is a bit better than Mizzou, but it really is hard to tell. Has their defense been that good because they’ve played weak competition? Same for their offense? The reality is that they’ve steam rolled almost everyone this year. Even the decent teams. So I expect they are what they appear to be: a pretty dang good football team. Duke slowed them down considerably early in the game by getting a good pass rush. I think we may be able to rattle Winston early and gain a lead on them. One thing they haven’t had to do all year really is play from behind. If we can get a lead on them, I think we have a chance to knock ‘em silly and leave them scrambling while we keep pounding. But doing that will NOT be easy. I get the feeling it’s going to be a slugfest. But I can see the means by which we might be able to make it ugly, fast.

  9. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    One crucial thing is the pass rush. We HAVE to maintain pressure on Winston. If he has all day, he could light us up. But, if we can force his hand we could see some INTs al a 42-10(essee).

    Of course, we also have to continue with the run. If we can make them commit eight guys, Coates and Uzomah could get crazy yards riding our favorite (the wheel route).

    I just don’t want to see us in a run, run, pass routine that leaves on a long 3rd down on a routine basis. AU has never done well with that when we get in that situation.

    However, I still feel that if we can keep running, we will tire FSU out by late in the 3rd. That will be critical.

    We also need to continue to rotate our line; that has served us well all year. aTm was the best example.


  10. JCMac Says:

    This was something I did in my spare time. What is up with the Fayetteville war eagle correlation… weird

  11. JC in FLA Says:

    Yes, pressure on Jaemis…you saw what happened last week when we pressured the Mizzou QB….our D line can do it ! I think Gus will have the team prepared as he always does. Still not sure a freshman QB starting in the biggest game of the CF stage, winning the Heisman and having his head in other places (no, not her !)

    And then of course our “Destiny” factor !

  12. Music City Tiger Says:

    I refuse to call us the “Team of Destiny”. Its hardwork, scheme and execution which has got us here, while teams who fell from their higher rankings, lacked one of these things when it mattered the most. We did get a bounce or two in our favor, but I won’t say it was “destiny”.

  13. Kenny Says:

    Definition of destiny:

    That to which any person or thing is destined; predetermined state; condition foreordained by the Divine or by human will; fate; lot; doom.

    I see this Auburn Tiger team as an organization that has been conceived by Gus Malzahn who hired a staff that believed in his philosophy and together they passed that philosophy along to the players. Belief in the coaches, a work ethic inspired by the coaches, and a desire to succeed instilled by the coaches has led this Auburn team to this point.

    Not predetermined…..just War Damn Eagle hard work!!! Love this team!!!!

  14. JC in FLA Says:

    And I see they signed several JUCO players today (one a stud WR that LSU was wanting)…winning helps everything !

  15. Jason Says:

    From what I’m seeing on recruiting boards, D’haquille Williams is only the fourth junior college transfer to ever receive a five star rating. One of the other three also went to Auburn. His name? Cam Newton. Since Williams is a wide receiver I’m going to guess that Gus is tired of mostly sticking with the run.

  16. Spencer Lee Says:

    Jason you are on the same page of observation another AU buddy of mine made. He said, “look at who we have waiting in the wings QB wise. No one like Nick Marshall. It’s much more drop back passer types…Jeremy Johnson, Sean White, et al…” So it would make sense that Gus could tell a stud WR that they could come here and be a big part of a new and improved AU offense. As for Gus being tired of the run – I wouldn’t go that far. Even when he was at Tulsa they would run it plenty…same with his time as O coordinator @ AU. Even with Cam there was plenty of running – from him, Ontario McCalleb, Mario Fannin and Michael Dyer. I >do< think he'd like to be 2 dimensional on offense…at least more pass than what we've got now.

  17. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I don’t have as much issue with “destiny” as I do with “miracle,” specifically in regard to the Bama game. I’ve seen here and there on the internet columnists writing off AU’s win as a miracle upset on a fluke play. I disagree.

    Gus made a smart decision to put our best return guy back to field a long kick that had a very good chance of being short. Bama put in players better suited for protection on getting the kick away and not so much for pursuit during a return. AU made a few key blocks and Davis made a fantastic run on a perfectly executed play. Low probability? Absolutely. But it was no miracle.

    I’m excited about the JUCO wide receiver. Would be very nice to add some consistency to the passing game with another good target.

  18. Ft Worth John Says:

    The Gus offense uses playmakers. It doesn’t matter if they are wideouts, running backs or QB’s. He gets the ball in their hands. If we had a really stud guard, he would probably run the fumblerooskie.
    The JUCO guys signed on Wed are amazing. They will all be in spring drills also.

  19. Spencer Lee Says:

    Just read today about the JUCO kids…man, that was impressive. It’s considered a big deal if a given program picks up the best JUCO player at any position. I’m going from memory a little here but that was the nation’s top JUCO Center, Safety, WR, and DL all signing on one day. Did I miss anyone?

    Wow… speaking of the JUCO Center, is this Gus’ way of anticipating Dismukes going early to the NFL – or is the JUCO kid versatile enough to play elsewhere – OR would Dismukes get moved? Lot of questions on that one.

  20. Walt Says:

    Spencer, I think the JUCO center is a catch-all. He’s there if Dismukes goes pro. He’s there incase Fariyike forgoes next year to go to med school (a real possibility) and we need a back-up. He can also play Guard if we need it, as well.

  21. Big Swoll Says:

    Evaluating this squad with recent NC champs from The Plains gave an interesting comparison to consider: Big Nick was as important as Cam to that squad no? Wasn’t just an offensive powerhouse, the D was crushing. We could likely out hustle & muscle FSU with the O but locking down the Seminole attack sets president. Especially for next season and we got lots lot of underclassmen on the squad. The press has aggressively promoted the ACC as the second best conference contenders, lets see what they can do. Thats the pre Aunac game to chop up. War Eagle

  22. Spencer Lee Says:

    Big Swoll, my take on the 2010 v. 2013 Tiger comparisons – I’m willing to agree that Nick and Cam have roughly the same impact but I’d give the edge to Cam on that because he was the difference maker in 5 or so games – Nick 4 thus far. Plus Cam made more people around him better while Nick’s primary contribution in making a fellow offensive player better is Tre. I don’t think he makes any of the receivers better (and for parts of the year he might have made them look worse), same for the speed sweep (Grant) or the bull between the tackles (CAP).

    As for the 2010 D being crushing – the stats would tell you they gave up a ton of yards and points but – like the 2013 version – will come up and bite you when they are up against the wall. 2010 had a D that made a play or two during the game which the offense took advantage of and (considering how tight a lot of those games were) was the difference b/n W and L more than once.

    As for the ACC being the next best conference I fully disagree with that. PAC 12 had better top tier teams than the top part of the ACC. I doubt anyone could convince me otherwise.

  23. Walt Says:

    Happy birthday to Spencer Lee!

  24. Music City Tiger Says:

    Happy birthday Spencer!

  25. Big Swoll Says:

    Happy BDay Spencer Lee! I should have worded my last post better tho, I meant Nick Fairley!

    Marshall is a force no doubt, but if Cam and him were compared, Id say Cam certainly has the statistical and field generalship edge on him. It was almost like being in a parallel universe to hear espn idiot cowherd articulate on super-espn-idiot finebum’s show my thoughts for next season, that AU can win another NC. I keep saying it, even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

    But I agree (even if it pains me) that the Pac-12 is the 2nd best conference at the moment. There is just a lot I don’t respect about these teams out here, but the results don’t lie. I am entitled to my own opinions of them, but not my own facts.

  26. mark Says:

    Happy birthday, Spencer!!

  27. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Oh wow… Can’t believed I almost missed it. Happy birthday, Spence!

  28. Spencer Lee Says:

    Many, many thanks to my Auburner Family for the kind hearted b’day wishes! Love you guys! It’s been a great day. Got all 144 words right in the O-A News Sunday Crossword Puzzle, took the family to Mellow Mushroom on South College – a stones throw from Toomer’s, got to loaf around the house for a full afternoon / early evening / got to see Cam lead the Panthers to a big time win in the final minute v. the Saints / killed time looking at funny stuff on YouTube / checked FB to thank my peeps for the well wishes / finally got to get on here before I head to Tiger Iron for a midnight workout.

    Hope the best for each of you folks – thanks for being so nice to me down through the years! :)

  29. JC in FLA Says:

    Merry Christmas to all. We got a great gift this year didn’t we ? I think we just need to add the bow on 6 Jan and the journey will be complete…BUT, if something happens and the Noles do win, 30 November was the greatest football gift of all in ’13 ! I wore my new “Kick Bama Kick” tee proudly yesterday !

  30. Tdog Says:

    Happy late b’day Spence! Sounds like a great day! I watched Cam as well, I was shouting “Dig into your AU days and pull this off!” and he did! Whoot whoot!

    I’m at work today killing time then off all week. I hope you all have a great Christmas/Festivus/whatever you celebrate and enjoy the time with family and friends! WD (Merry) E!!!

  31. Spencer Lee Says:

    Thanks Tdog! Better late than never! :)

  32. JCMac Says:

    If anyone wants any last last minute gift ideas. I’ve got one. I would like Frank Shirley my boss, right here, with a big ribbon on his head.

    I want to look him straight in the eye and tell him what a cheap…

  33. Spencer Lee Says:

    Nice :)

  34. Big Swoll Says:

    JCMac, have you ever went full-on Zucker bros. and told your boss “Yes I am serious, and dont call me Shirley”? lol Urrplaine sighting :)

  35. Spencer Lee Says:

    We absolutely go full Airplane mode @ the office. Great, great movie! :)
    Then again we’re also apt to go full Caddyshack mode as well.

  36. JCMac Says:

    Fortunately, I can set that up and my coworkers usually catch on! And —it makes my day every time.

  37. Big Swoll Says:

    “Looks like he picked the wrong day to stop sniffin glue!” lolz

  38. Spencer Lee Says:

    Nice one Big Swoll :)

    Barbara Billingsley (aka June Clever) volunteering to go interpret the 2 guys on the plane that spoke “jive” was classic as well.

  39. Music City Tiger Says:

    While at the airport, I was confused what the red and white zones were for! Can somebody help?

  40. Spencer Lee Says:

    No clue MCT…

  41. JCMac Says:

    The red zone thinks an abortion is the only sensible option. ;)

  42. Music city Tiger Says:

    and here i was thinking which is for loading / unloading and which had absolutely no stopping. :D