An incredible ride.

War Eagle.

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  1. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Man, that was a great game… sad that it came down to a pass interference.

    Feels a bit bitter to be the SEC team to drop it, but dang these guys are great!


    Good work guys! I’m proud of you!

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:


    It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger.

  3. Ft Worth John Says:

    When do start next year?

    This was a great ride. Somehow I feel these guys deserved a better ending. But we didn’t lose anything, we’ve been playing with house money for some time now. War Eagle!

  4. Big Swoll Says:

    War Eagle. When veteran sportscasters remark that a team needing a touchdown with 13 seconds to go has their opponents “right where they want them”, that must be some game. Considering said team is coached by a first year man and said program was also winless in conference last season and started this one unranked…… this was a remarkable season for all sports fans and fans of the human spirit in general. God bless and peace out

  5. Jason Says:

    This also ends Auburn’s winning streak when scoring thirty or more points. But it’s really difficult to be disappointed. It was an incredible year and I’m sure 2014 will be a fun ride on the Gus Bus too.

  6. Stash Says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I will be writing in Gus’ name for president in the next election. WDE!

  7. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Had a great 59:47 of game time with Spencer Lee at the Arena tonight, along with many other great Auburn people. Heck of a team, heck of a year, we defeated our two biggest rivals with plays that will be remembered for a very long time. Disappointing loss, not a disappointing season. Looking forward to the 2014 season with great anticipation! War Damn Eagle!

  8. Music City Tiger Says:

    Jason, that is what is more frustrating. The loss hurts, but putting that in prespective with 2012, the level of hurt reduces significantly.

    2014 is going to be fun. Don’t forget to buckle the seat belts in, its going to be one hell of a ride on the Gus Bus!

  9. AuburnFish Says:

    I am very thankful for the wonderful ride this season and am excited for what lies ahead next year. However, this loss stings, it stings bad. They worked ao hard to get there, I wish they could have left with it. War Eagle!!!!

  10. Matt Says:

    I was correct in picking the winner, but i was incorrect thinking FSU was the better team, anyone who watched that game with unbiased eyes comes away knowing that AU was the better team and if not for a cramp and a 3rd down bs holding call would have won by at least 2 TDs… FSU is easily the softest, most untested Champion of the BCS era

  11. Lisa Says:

    I believe in Auburn and LOVE IT!

  12. Tdog Says:

    I have to say, I was very impressed with our guys…especially the D. Wow. They stepped it up. I knew as soon as Tre scored that last TD with that much time left, it was going to end bad. But it was one hell of a game, and I’m so proud of those boys and the coaching staff. This year was an amazing year and no one can take that away.

    Can’t wait for the next 365 days to go by for the rematch. :)

  13. Spencer Lee Says:

    Well said everyone. Great ride indeed. I was hoping for 8 wins with that 8th having to come from the bowl game. As I have said from the TX A&M game on – the rebuilding project is way ahead of schedule. It will be interesting to see how this program evolves but that’s all for another day – for now it’s time to tip our cap to the SEC Champs and say thanks for representing your school, your state, your conference and your families very well! Thanks too for the hard work that got them there and for the work ahead to keep this thing rolling.

    Gaines, had a blast with you and your buddies @ the Arena!


  14. JC in FLA Says:

    I had some FSU fans over last night and they were very humbled and knew they were in for a real fight. We have nothing to hang our heads about. Won the SEC, knocked Bama out of contention and a step away from winning it all. Very good year. I am heading to the gym wearing my AU shirt proudly !

  15. Spencer Lee Says:

    Way to go JC!

  16. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    My brother-in-law is a big FSU fan… He said AU should have not run it in on that last play and should have run more clock before going in to score.

    He is right I suppose, but we were able to hold aTm when that last happened.

    Dealing with him today makes things more difficult, but I am still very proud of our guys.

  17. Spencer Lee Says:

    Your brother-in-law has a point. I thought the same thing. But if he took a knee at the 1 and then we tried to score a TD with as little time as possible to win it – we could have fumbled the next snap….you never can tell. If we had trailed by 2 or 1 we could have done that and made FSU burn their last 2 TO’s then kicked a FG with about 30 seconds left to go ahead – but then a FG would beat us and their kicker only missed one FG all year and none to that point.

    Just my thoughts. WDE regardless and forever! :)

  18. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    And we did miss one… Still ol’ Park has been solid all year. I’m going to miss his work!

    Yeah, and you gotta get points when you can, we let some opportunities slip.

    Oh hey guys, we need a return trip to the Rose Bowl. I am hungry to hang a win in that venue in a bowl game there… That was the last big bowl site we had never played and now not won in… Hope we are there next year in some trip through the new playoffs!

  19. mark Says:

    Here’s a great article from USA Today.. a behind the scenes look at the game;

  20. JC in FLA Says:

    Wow, that Tre is such a class act ! Can’t believe he is thinking HE let AU down. I wish we could clone that guy. Such a fine human being, but you know a lot of that starts with the family and then the head of the team (Gus) extends that attitude…wow, I’m glad we have Malzahn. I’m am already excited about Sep 2014 ! People coming into my office…sorry man…don’t be sorry. I feel very good about the entire year. Sure, would be nice to be out on the sites getting the NC shirts and all, but look at the money I am saving ! Ha Ha !

  21. Ft Worth John Says:

    Thrilled with how this year played out. These guys brought AU football back from whatever went on there last year.
    I would have loved to have capped it off with another nat’l championship, but really can’t complain about this team.
    I do have a question about the game. What was up with Cody Parkey? This guy consistently kicks the ball through the endzone and he barely got it to the endzone the other night. Was that a planned attack by the staff, was the atmosphere in the desert too different, or was he hurt in some way? Just curious.

  22. JC in FLA Says:

    An exerpt from an FSU fan I work with that attended the game:

    “The seats were good but the bathroom situation at the Rose Bowl is not good. I had a feeling it was going to be a close game . Even though we have not been in that position all year I just had a feeling. Two great teams, both better than Bama or anyone else in the country.

    The Auburn fans after the game and at the airport were outstanding. Much more gracious than I could have been. I hope I can learn from their behavior when I am in the same position. I salute the War Dam Eagle!”

  23. Spencer Lee Says:

    Good to hear that report JC. And Ft. Worth John I wondered the same thing about the atmosphere as it may have impacted Parkey’s kicks but then the kid from FSU was booming them. Still seemed off his game. Hate that for the kid since he wouldn’t have another chance to kick for AU. As for Mason wanting to apologize for not bringing home a W…that speaks volumes. Great kid – one of the best in fact.

  24. Spencer Lee Says:

    BTW, big time congrats to The Big Hurt – former AU football and baseball player extraordinaire, Frank Thomas on getting voted into the MLB Hall of Fame. Truly one of the best offensive players to ever play the game. WDE Frank!

  25. JC in FLA Says:

    Spencer, what position did he play? Can’t believe I don’t remember that !

  26. Spencer Lee Says:

    First Base and DH. Spent the vast majority of his time with the White Sox. Even had one season with Bo Jackson there (1991). Google or YouTube him. :)

  27. Ft Worth John Says:

    He also played TE one season at AU.

  28. JC in FLA Says:

    He looks like a Tight End ! Good for him. So when do we think Tre announces his intentions? is there a deadline soon ?

  29. Lisa Says:

    Looks like Lane Kiffin is interviewing for the newly open OC position at Alabama. LOL!

  30. Tdog Says:

    Lisa, with his track record of recruiting violations he’ll fit right in with Bama.

    Seriously, is it still Christmas?!? Like pinch me, is this a late present?!? Muwahahahahahahahaha!

  31. Lisa Says:

    He was brought in as a “consultant” before the bowl game. How did that work out for ya, Bama?

  32. Tdog Says:

    ANNND Petrino slimed his way back to Louisville. Rumor mill of Chiz going to be his DC.

    What the crap is going on people??? :)

  33. Tdog Says:

  34. Spencer Lee Says:

    To answer your question JC, Mason is moving on to Sunday football next year. Class guy and a warrior for the blue and orange. I salute his character and athleticism. Best wishes to you Tre!!!

  35. JC in FLA Says:

    Right, saw that. He will go down as one of our best on and off the field !

  36. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Man, I saw that yesterday. I wished he would stay one more year, but with his skill, you can’t blame the guy.

    Good luck to you, Tre! Thanks for the work, it was amazing!

  37. Big Swoll Says:

    Too bad, him leaving actually stings a lil more than the BCS loss, but I cant be mad at all. He really is a class act and I wish him the best. We do have plenty of talent at running back, but he’s a special player for sure. Am I the only one that thinks we are in position to make a run at the inaugural “playoff system” title?

  38. Big Swoll Says:


  39. Tdog Says:

    Christmas just came early….

  40. Spencer Lee Says:

    Two things – first of all Big Swoll, I do believe we have a shot to finish in the top 4. We’ll need an answer for who will tote the mail between the tackles (CAP maybe?), find a top notch LT, and edge pass rusher. The coaching, strength/conditioning and preparation part I’m not worried about.

    Second – can anyone think of a more surrealistic hire under Saban than Kiffen? That blew me the $%^& away. Saban has a reputation for suffering no fools – whether they be players or staff alike – then he went and hired one. The irony is delicious. The same UA people that derided Kiffen as a petulant idiot now have to swallow hard and accept him. For the record I agreed with that analysis of him, but fortunately I don’t have to go to “fan day” and see that buffoon on my sideline. The one silver lining for UA fans, given Saban’s essential gag order he puts on his Asst Coaches, the prospects of Kiffen saying something stupid (like accusing another SEC coach of rules violations w/o any merit) is greatly reduced.

    All that being said, there is enough top line talent @ uat that you could pull out my proverbial Styrofoam cup and make that the coach and still do well – but I wouldn’t see Kiffen striking fear in the heart of anyone…ever.

  41. Bob Loblaw Says:

    “The same UA people that derided Kiffen as a petulant idiot now have to swallow hard and accept him.”

    Listening to the Birmingham radio yesterday on the way home from work, it wasn’t a matter of them swallowing hard and accepting him—they were acting like they’d known he was a great coach all along and thought the Auburn folks were crazy for laughing about it. There was absolutely no memory about Kiffin being a petulant idiot or of their previous derision of said idiocy. It was surreal.

    If you’d have told them a month ago that they’d have Kiffin on the staff next year, they’d have laughed in your face. And now they act like he’s who they wanted all along.

    He may be a good coordinator who just didn’t make it as a head coach and his glaring media gaffes only compounded the problem. Maybe a gag order as a coordinator under Saban is just what he needs refocus and shine. But there are some people out there that no matter the talent, I wouldn’t want on Auburn’s staff. Bobby Petrino is one & Lane Kiffin is another.

  42. Tdog Says:

    The true Alabama fans I know are very confused and not happy by this hire. The Bammers think it’s GREAT! I think it’s great. His own father couldn’t work with him…I can’t wait to see what he does there. But the one thing in his favor, since he’s at UAT none of his recruiting violations will be noticed. Man, that game in Knoxville should be surreal this year….

  43. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Good point, Tdog, regarding Bama fans vs. The Bammers—I was basing my reaction off a bunch of folks who called a radio talk show (this was the local show after Finebaum), and folks who call radio talk shows likely don’t give a completely accurate representation of anyone’s fan base.

  44. Spencer Lee Says:

    Bob, the callers you mentioned fall into one of two groups – a) people that will spin their opinions of someone on a dime depending on what their shirt/cap/car tag/car flag has on it; or b) the ones that would never say anything publically that puts uat in a bad light.

    In either case Saban could hire Charles Manson and they would call in to applaud the move. (I realize that reference will not register with some of you……trust me – you wouldn’t want this guy on your staff…..or out in society for that matter.)

    There are a number of uat fans that privately are shaking their heads on this hire….but not many will have the temerity to point out the emperor has no clothes.

    And Tdog – spot on with Kiffen’s newly found free ride on recruiting violations. It’s like getting a get out of jail free card along with your office keys when you start to work there.

  45. Big Swoll Says:

    Vols vs bammer will be a marked date for sure. More important for the Tigers, who steps up at FB next season? If CAP continues to improve he seems to be a McFadden type back, but will we have a true FB at the position?

  46. Spencer Lee Says:

    Big Swoll to my knowledge we don’t have another Jay Prosch if that’s what you mean. Malzhan – as always – will take the puzzle pieces he has and craft an offense around them. I have no concerns with that. Speaking of offense I read in the O-A News today a quote from the AU beat writer saying “it is widely believed Payton Barber is the best back on the roster.” I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock b/c I didn’t know he was that highly thought of. But I take that as very good news if we have someone touted to be that good and I was in the dark about him. I guess you call that “depth.” :)

  47. Matt Says:

    This is one UA fan that will admit he’s disgusted by the hire on several levels…. The pistol formation is about as ‘cutting edge” as things have gotten offensively under Saban and that formation worked well but inexplicably disappeared from the play book this year, and I fear this move with kliffin will guarantee a future lack of offensive ingenuity and a move even further away from a more open spread attack which in its various forms is taking over both the college and nfl games… Add that to the fact that kliffin is a world class douche, and I’m seriously hoping for a one-and-done situation where he has success next year and some fool then gives him another shot at a head coaching position

  48. Walt Says:

    Well. I’m back. I’ve been reading comments but just haven’t been able to talk about it, yet. Still hurts. It was a great experience at the game, although I don’t think I’d ever go back to another game, there. Too hard to get to the stadium and too annoying at the stadium itself if you wanted to go to the bathroom during (or especially after) the game.

    It was an amazing ride. Unbelievable season. Next year should be even better. The progression Nick Marshall showed with being able to throw the ball in that game should scare people for next year. Especially with the addition of the JUCO receiver we picked up. Sorry to see Tre go, but I can understand why he went.

    As for replacing Prosch, early lead for that position is Ricky Parks. He was allowed to come back to the team as a walk-on with a chance to earn his scholarship back. We’ll see how that goes, but he’s supposed to be an excellent blocker and was one of the top TEs coming out of high school his senior year.

    With the Kiffin hire at Alabama, all I can do is laugh. There’s no doubting that at one point Kiffikins was a great offensive mind. However, that was with the ridiculous USC offense playing against PAC10 defenses that were nothing to write home about. He has done very little since then. It’s his personality that should worry UA fans. The only plus for them is how much Saban muzzles his coordinators.

  49. Spencer Lee Says:

    matt I appreciate your candor. I feel sure you and the other sensible Bama fans will get their wish. He doesn’t stay anywhere long – either from impatience or ineptitude. And don’t worry about him getting job offers to lure him away from T Town. He has failed upward as a rule since leaving as an asst @ USC. You guys won’t have to tolerate him for long. Still odd……other worldly odd.

    I saw that Ricky Parks was back as a walk on. We’ll see

  50. Spencer Lee Says:

    p.s. I never got to finish that last post…sorry.

    We’ll see how that all pans out next year. I’m still thinking Gus will retool with what’s left and maximize what they do best – obviously sans Prosch.

  51. Walt Says:

    That’s where Gustav is best: retooling to fit what he has. He had a 5k yard passer with three 1k yard receivers one year at Tulsa. I guarantee we throw the ball more next year. Especially with Marshall having more time in the offense and – as I pointed out before – we have that JUCO receiver who people said is so good he could have gone pro out of JUCO.

  52. JC in FLA Says:

    Walt, check this out from a buddy here at work that went to the game…the bathrooms must really be challenging:

    “FSU had arranged for a number of buses from several locations in CA. The bus also included the tailgate party. I held it and used the bathroom on the bus after the game. The bus included beer, water soda and snacks(candy, chips, crackers). Before the game I found a un-marked door to what I think was a one stall men’s room for handicapped. I had to wait for someone in the stall when in walked a female Auburn fan looking for a electrical plug so she could pump her breasts. I said fine but I am not leaving until I do my business. I came out of the stall and she and her husband were getting ready. By now there was a line outside the door. I informed them it might be a while for her to finish. I heard a lot of grumbling as I headed for my seat. Like I said the Auburn fans were very friendly”.

  53. JC in FLA Says:

    So, what do you think will come of Frazier? He had such promise coming out of HS, but some say he was not geared to Chizik’s offense and then it was too late after Marshall came on board. He just never seemed to grasp the schemes or somthing. Hopefully he can find his way. Seems like such a good individual and deserves to get his good breaks in the future.

  54. Spencer Lee Says:

    My take on Frazier, he could have used a redshirt year to adjust to the speed of the game in D-I. Then came Scott Leofler – enough said on that year…where we took players recruited to run a spread offense and turned them into Michigan circa 1955. Then came Nick Marshall. So I agree, great kid and wish him all the best. The circumstances didn’t play out like they needed to really see him blossom on the Plains.

  55. Spencer Lee Says:

    To answer a question posed right after the game I found out today the reason Cody Parkey was not his regular self – muscle spasms in his back. I knew something was up…most everyone else did too.

  56. Lisa Says:


  57. Spencer Lee Says:


  58. Lisa Says:

    My theory is that Saban wants to retire but wants to be left alone and not bothered by all the crazed Bammers upon retirement. How does he accomplish this? 1) Hire Lane Kiffin to run the program into the ground 2) Leave Tuscaloosa as an epic fail rather than the second coming of Bear.

  59. JCMac Says:

    Good theory Lisa. It is the only one that really makes sense. I mean there are quite a few other options out there at OC, why take a risk on Lane when you can have more proven up and coming coaches.

    How will both of those egos fit on the same sideline together?

  60. Spencer Lee Says:

    Here’s the answer to that question JCMac. Lane Kiffin will not be permitted to possess an ego……or a tongue…..or a creative idea………or a personality. This is why he won’t be able to stay. If Kiffin is smart he’ll just live at one of those extended stay hotels.

  61. Ft Worth John Says:

    Every night for the past two weeks as I close my eyes this is what I see;
    Auburn runs the old lateral play and the ball is thrown to Tre Mason on the left sideline where -
    1- Mason keeps to the outside behind his blockers
    2- Mason crosses mid-field where 2 fsu deep defenders come up to meet him
    3- R Louis or Coates runs right between Mason and the defenders
    4- Mason breaks free toward the endzone
    5- Mason cuts and is hit but is just able to stretch the ball over the goal line

    I’m not necessarily sleeping that well, but I feel great.

  62. mark Says:

    Had that happened, I think it would be in college football’s best interest to just shut down the entire sport. There’d be no topping Auburn’s 2013 season, so there’d be no point for anyone to even try.

  63. JC in FLA Says:

    John, just remember we should not have gotten to that. With 1:17 left after Mason scored to go ahead, we should have stopped them anyway. Don’t beat yourself up over that scenario. I take it that WE DONE GOOD and were 300% better than we were predicted to be ! I have my SEC Champions shirts and “Got a second Bama” shirt and very content over ’13. In August I told my buddies that just getting to the Music City bowl would be a step forward, so we can all be proud ! They are building to get there again next year so look foward !

  64. JCMac Says:

    I am guilty of replaying this in my head too. I think Chris Davis should not have run it out of the endzone, got it setup at the 25 instead. Throw a 25 yard pass down the middle of the field, spike it. Pass it to the sideline for 15 yards and set up Parkey to go into OT.


    Mason take a knee on the one before that, run the clock and then score.


    On the drive before the FSU kick return where we had to settle for a FG, instead of rolling to the right, pull out the 2010 Iron Bowl Lutzy play on 3rd down.


    Taken a timeout before the fake punt, because we all knew it was coming.

    I guess what hurts the most is the fact that we had so many potential moments where we could have closed the coffin on FSU.—- Fortunately, we have next year and the year after.

    It reminds me of the movie Castaway. Tom Hanks has Helen Hunt then gets stranded on the island and has to go through several tasks just to survive. The fact that he survives is a miracle within itself. At the end of the movie, he loses her again because too much time had passed and she had been married. He states that, he is sad that he lost her once again, but is glad that he had her with him (in his mind) on that island.

    I guess the idea is similar to hope and fate. It felt like it was fate when we won those games, which gave us hope. We all had this feeling of a higher purpose at play during the season. I think we all lost that feeling once Tre Mason was tackled as the last second ticked off the clock. That hurt us all. But I have to say, like Castaway I’m so glad I had that feeling during the season, it would not have been the same without it.

    In a way that loss does not signify the end of something, but potentially the beginning of something new.

    Sorry if I rambled, it’s who I am.

  65. Spencer Lee Says:

    Two random thoughts…in a game that is decided by one score there are dozens of “what ifs.” We can certainly take incredible solace in the season as a whole – picked 6th in the SEC West, a total after thought to anyone outside zip codes beginning with “3,” amazing wins from a remarkable group of kids and coaches working with them (for the most part) for the first time ever…and if nothing else, a group that completely washed the acidic taste of 2012 from our mouths. There were 5 wins off the top of my head that were nothing short of heart pounding (Wazzu, MSU, Tx A&M, UGA and UA).

    Then again, when you get THAT close to the ultimate prize you want to take it home so very badly. Those opportunities don’t come around every day so you hate letting one slip away. In a sense we’ve all gotten to know how it must have felt to be Oregon fans (although I have no recollection of them ever winning a NC, while we very conservatively already had 2 when this one got away). There will be holes to fill – as there always will be. This isn’t major league baseball…these are 18-22 year old kids that are only here for a while. Then like most of us, they moved on after that time in the sun. Gus will retool and the league will keep getting tougher. We’ll just have to keep putting together players, coaches and administrators that commit themselves to doing well and doing it right. The rest will take care of itself over time.

    My other random thought – ran into Casanova McKinzie @ Kroger Saturday @ 1:30 AM. I’m proud to report he was with 2 other dudes that looked like they had just walked out of study hall. He had his BCS sweatsuit on and was just picking up some food (no beer or cigs either). :)

  66. Spencer Lee Says:

    Working in T’loosa tomorrow and Thursday……anyone want to come along? If it makes you feel any better my partner is also an AU alum. :)

  67. Walt Says:

    To get a head start on V-Day cards…

    “It only took a second for me to fall for you” – Chris Davis.

  68. Spencer Lee Says:

    Nice one Walt! :)

  69. Spencer Lee Says:

    Cupid’s arrow has Slade me… :)

  70. Lisa Says:

    Trooper Taylor was hired at UGA this weekend. I find it funny because most of my UGA friends always talked about what a “thug” he is & he will leave Auburn on probation with questionable recuiting tactics. LOL!

  71. Jason Says:

    Georgia hired Tracy Rocker. Trooper Taylor is at Arkansas State. Still, given the amount of whining from UGA fans for the past few years about Nick Farley hitting too hard, it is rather hypocritical of them to hire anyone who coached him.

  72. Lisa Says:

    Ah! Thanks for the correction Jason.

  73. Spencer Lee Says:

    Dang….wish Tracy Rocker had stayed in the NFL…….or gone somewhere other than UGA. :(

  74. Walt Says:

    Yeah, Spencer, I hate that Rock went to UGA. Find it funny that he coached the “dirty” Nick Fairley.

  75. JC in FLA Says:

    A quote from coach Craig on one of the stories:

    “I think about it a lot,” Auburn assistant coach Dameyune Craig said. “It makes you work hard. That’s the motivation right now, to get back. … Even though we didn’t win the game, I don’t think you can lose sight of us winning the SEC Championship.”

    Exactly right….that is why I got over the NC loss quicker. Sure, would have been nice, but this team took leaps and bounds in ’13 ! Plus, I saved tons of money on not buying more shirts, SI footballs, etc !

  76. Spencer Lee Says:

    Good point on winning the SEC….given we were picked to finish 6th in the West. Still, when you get that close you want to grab that brass ring.

  77. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt, just read from Phillip Marshall that former AU DB Dell McGee will be going to your Ga. Southern Eagles to be Running Backs Coach. Thought you’d might like to know that. :)

  78. JC in FLA Says:

    If memory serves Spencer, isn’t he one of the DB’s that had fun with LSU that one year where they intercepted their QB 3 or 4 times in the second half ?LSU QB was Jamie Wilson if the brain is working today.

  79. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Great win last night!

    We needed that one!

  80. Spencer Lee Says:

    JC in FLA, you’re close. Jamie Howard was the LSU QB…with Curly Hallman as their Head Coach. [sidebar...Hallman was the HC @ Southern Miss when Brett Farve was there and they beat us @ AU in 1990 (which was a big part of him getting the LSU gig). Then he was fired not long after the Interception Game @ AU. So as I've said re: Hallman - AU giveth and AU taketh away.)]

    McGee was @ AU from 92-95 but didn’t have any picks in the Interception fest that was LSU/AU in `94…which come to think of it – that’s surprising b/c I know he started and Jamie Howard threw at least 5 of them.

    Thomas….fully agree on that. Let’s see if we can string some W’s together before we hit a stretch of unwinnable games.

  81. JC in FLA Says:

    I remember that game like it was yesterday. It just looked like we were destined to lose to LSU and then jis passes just started bouncing into our DB’s hands. I remember the announcers shaking their heads on why Howard would even attempt to throw those kind of low percentage passes. Too funny !

  82. JC in FLA Says:

    his not jis…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  83. Spencer Lee Says:

    and then there was this…