Valentine’s Day Cards 2014

Celebrating nine years of the same gag. Link.

63 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Cards 2014”

  1. Lisa Says:

    LOL! I love #2&4!

  2. Walt Says:

    Wow! They’re up early, this year!

  3. Music City Tiger Says:

    Awesome as ever!

  4. JCMac Says:

    2, 4, 11, 12 and the Lolley one for the win… Consistently you save my butt on V-Day!

  5. Zach Says:

    Thanks, I look FORD to this every year!

  6. Walt Says:

    Good news: Kalvaraz Bessent cleared of all charges. That plus the JUCO who just signed as late addition means we should have a stacked set of DBs

  7. JC in FLA Says:

    Good news Walt ! DB’s will complete the puzzle !

  8. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Man, I always love the Coach Lolley joke. My favorite still has to be the mood chart!

    WDE guys… oh, and I will be snaking my way down to the South next month.

    So, there will have to be a couple of meetings arranged around mid-March (just a bit after the Ides).

  9. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Correction, I think that was Don Dunn.

    Oh well, still it was awesome.

    Dang, I’m too young for “old people brain.”

  10. Walt Says:

    Thomas, if you make it to the Plains, I should be around.

  11. Spencer Lee Says:

    Same here Thomas…

  12. Tdog Says:

    I loved #2…it completed me.

  13. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Definitely… details to come.

  14. Spencer Lee Says:

    Almost forgot to mention – after all these years still loving the Valentines Day cards from the Auburner! :)

  15. Walt Says:

    Looks like Bessent’s status with the team is still uncertain. He was probably always going to redshirt, but now I’m betting that’s going to be one brutal redshirt year in the weight room.

  16. Spencer Lee Says:

    Indeed, O-A News noted Malzhan was still collecting and reviewing the facts re: Bessent’s case. The initial charges were dropped but he’s still listed as a co-defendant in the remaining case. From the legal angle he’s almost certainly going to be either completely in the clear or at worse would be able to plead down to a charge so trivial that they give him some type of pre-trial divergence where it wouldn’t stay on his record. But that does not limit Auburn’s response either way – AU could drop him, redshirt him, gray shirt him, suspend him or play him.

  17. Walt Says:

    I would comment on BERT Bielema’s latest statements about the 10 second rule, but Mark doesn’t like that kind of language on here. Wow.

  18. Music City Tiger Says:

    Who can help with this?

    We have developed a tool which plays all the sounds of the appliance so that the marketing folks can come up with what they want for future products. Of course, the guy who developed this is a UT grad and is hell bent on playing Rocky Top every now and then.
    Can anyone help me find out each note (in frequency and duration) for the Auburn Fight song at least for the first 10-15 seconds if not the whole song?
    For eg -> The following are the first few notes of the star wars theme (in Hz and milliseconds)

  19. mark Says:


    You have a tool that can make play music with the appliances you develop??? If we get you what you need, would you be able to provide us with video or at least audio of the end result?

    This is a big deal.

    Assuming these frequencies are correct,, I might be able to get you what you need.

  20. Walt Says:

    I understood nothing of that except that it sounds like it would be awesome.

  21. Music City Tiger Says:

    Mark, the tool mimics the appliance, once I validate it, I can always get it implemented in a test code and put it in an appliance and get you the video of it.

  22. Tdog Says:

    As a communications major, the above comments just made my eyes glaze over and my nose bleed.

    Who wants to talk about puppies? ;)

  23. Ft Worth John Says:

    I like puppies.

  24. JC in FLA Says:

    I have two russian blue kits.

  25. Tdog Says:

    Our oldest pup just turned 16! Adopted him while at AU from LCHS. He’s still pretty spunky for an old man!

    Interesting piece…I have to say, Butthead quickly became my most hated coach last year….

  26. Music City Tiger Says:

    Our pup is 8 months old. Australian shepherd mix at that. So yeah, building a fence in our backyard was the smartest thing we did since we got him last year.

  27. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    MCT, I can’t help with either current discussion.

    I can’t compose electronic music, and I don’t have no “puppis” dogs.

  28. Music City Tiger Says:

    Thomas, go get one! Join the cool kids! :p

  29. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Just because I felt like posting this here, today –

    War Damn Eagle my Auburner friends!

  30. JC in FLA Says:

    Never gets old Gaines !

  31. Tdog Says:

    I was in AU today, chaperoning students for EDay. While I understand nothing of the engineering world, it was great to walk across campus, buy some goods at the Bookstore and then finish it with a trip to Niffers. Good times. Good times.

  32. Spencer Lee Says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party. I can offer nothing but a tip of my AU MBA hat to your tech hounds. Kudos gents!

    As for dogs, I’ve had some great ones. Have my hands full with a 12 year old girl and 10 (today) year old boy, so no time for a pup now.

    Happy b’day to the one and only MARK PADEN ladies and gentlemen! Mark take a bow….. :)

  33. Walt Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark!

  34. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Happy Birthday Senor Paden!

  35. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Happy Belated!

  36. Music City Tiger Says:

    Happy Belated (or is it in advance? :p ) Birthday Mark!

    Hope you had a blast!

  37. Walt Says:

    Well, I’m glad to see the 10-second rule died before it ever REALLY lived. So glad to see some people got smart.

  38. Spencer Lee Says:

    Ditto that take Walt.

  39. Walt Says:

    Also the NCAA revised the targeting rule. If the ejection is overturned this year, then so is the penalty. That was the worst rule I had seen. It cost UGA the Vandy game and cost Ole Miss the aTm game.

  40. Jason Says:

    While I don’t agree with the ten second rule, had they waited until next year there could have been a good debate of the effect of HUNH on college football and what type of balance is best for the game. By trying to push it through on unsubstantiated player safety grounds, the whole topic is now tainted. I’m sure the defensive minded/Godzilla sized line coaches will bring it back up but I doubt it will get traction.

    In lighter news, administration of the Fulmer Cup has been transferred to Reddit: May we never score a point in that competition again. Unrealistic but still something to strive to.

  41. Walt Says:

    Reddit!?!? Wow. I wish Spencer would have allowed someone in the commentariat to do it instead of turning it over to someone like that. I didn’t go to the link because I refuse to go to reddit for any reason. I guess I won’t be following the Fulmer Cup anymore.

  42. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Very much NSFW! –
    But funny as heck!

  43. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Because I feel like posting this too!
    War Damn Eagle My Auburner Friends!!!

  44. Lisa Says:
    New favorite highlight video. You’re welcome!

  45. Spencer Lee Says:

    Congrats to Cliff Ellis who earlier this week became just the 10th coach in college history to take 4 different teams to the NCAA’s (South AL, Clemson, AU and now Coastal Carolina). He had some truly kick @ss teams at AU……which seems like 1,000 years ago, but it wasn’t.

  46. Spencer Lee Says:

    p.s. Great stuff from Gaines and Lisa!!! Thanks!

  47. Music City Tiger Says:

    Spencer, who do you think we should hire as the new BB head coach? Our 3 hires last year have been from good to awesome. Need to get this one right too!

  48. Spencer Lee Says:

    MCT, I would love to get Bruce Pearle but I don’t see him taking the job (Pearle is under contract with Nike and AU is of course an UnderArmor school). One of my best friends – and LONG time AU hoops fan – knew him from when they were both in Knoxville and he speaks very highly of him. His record speaks for itself.

    Alas, we’re more apt to pick up someone like the guy @ Southern Miss (Donnie Tyndall). A good coach and much smaller price tag but not the homerun hire Pearle would be. Even if Peale came there’s no guarantee of immediate success. Even under ideal circumstances it could take 2 or 3 years but he COULD put AU back in the NCAA’s (maybe even on an intermittent basis) despite the paltry quality of the SEC which murders a prospective school’s “strength of schedule.”

    I predict we’ll know who our next guy is fairly soon b/c I suspect Jay Jacobs called Bruce Pearle’s agent about 5 seconds after he let Barbee go and got a “man, Jay I am really flattered but my client LOVES his TV gig and the money is great too…thanks, but just can’t do it.” So the interview process might only be 3 guys. Jeff Capel – the former Duke star and coach @ Oklahoma and VCU would be similar to Barbee in that he’s a young up and comer BUT different in that he’s a Coach K protégé while Barbee was a pupil under the significantly smarmy John Caliperi. One plus for Capel is he is experienced in coaching hoops at a “football” school. My money is on one of these 2 getting the nod.

  49. Music City Tiger Says:

    I heard Capel said no last time around and Pearle has a show cause until August of this year.

  50. Walt Says:

    Pearl has a show cause for recruiting, but could still take it. Heard Capel is unlikely, as is the VCU coach. No idea who we will get, personally. Hopefully it’s someone who can put some excitement in the program like the other hires have. If Auburn baseball can ever stop stranding runners on base, the pitching seems to be awesome, so far. Particularly the freshman Keegan Thompson (or Thomas, can’t remember off hand)). I know he’s pitching tomorrow at noon, but weather is looking bad.

  51. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt I heard the same thing re: Capel the last time around. The prickly thing about hiring Pearle is that Jacobs has always preached the importance of hiring coaches that “do the right thing” and set a positive example for our student athletes. This was at least a major part of Bobby Petrino’s baggage that made him a non-option. Not to compare Pearle with Petrino but that does complicate matters.

    All the foregoing points to Tyndall…or perhaps someone who’s not on the radar. One interesting long shot is Ben Howland. He’s still unemployed despite going to three Final Fours in a row @ UCLA. He had a great run @ Pitt before that. He would be a homerun but his personality is pretty closely akin to Barbee AND he has no ties to the South that I know of…which I don’t care a lick about but then again, no one is asking me. :(

  52. Tdog Says:

    I interrupt basketball to say it looks like I’ll be making it to the Arky Gus v. Bert “I like things slow….and fried” Butthead game! And I’m already excited!

    Okay carry on. ;)

  53. Walt Says:

    How about that softball team. Three no hitters in a row!?!?!? That’s got to be some kind of record.

  54. Spencer Lee Says:

    Clint Meyers is a legend for a reason…..I mean no disrespect to the prior coach Tina Deese (who I’ve known since her days at Huntingdon College in the late 80′s when I worked for her) but Meyers is taking this program to new highs for sure.

  55. Spencer Lee Says:

    Tdog – enjoy the 2014 season opener! I’m excited too! :)

  56. JCMac Says:

    Hey folks, I hope all is well. I know we don’t have a basketball coach currently, but I thought we still could do brackets. I’m using the ESPN bracket competition.

    Our group name is TheAuburner
    pass: weagle

    I’m ok, with you opening this up on twitter if you want Mark.

    Oh— and War Eagle!

  57. Walt Says:

    Spring Practice starts tomorrow! Gustav says he believes we can be faster next year (take that Saban and BERT). Also confirmed that Jonathon Ford has moved to Safety and Trovon Reed to CB. Hopefully those moves work out. Now back to my continuously checking Twitter to see if Auburn has managed to snag Bruce Pearl.

  58. Spencer Lee Says:

    Keep me posted on the bball coach search. I’m probably the biggest AU hoops guy out here in the Auburner Family…if longevity and prior season ticket status means anything. :)
    Plus I’m AU hoops geeky enough to be able to name guys from the 70′s that played there. Yeah, I’m sick like that. ;)

    JCMac, sounds great…looking forward to it! Good luck everybody!

  59. Spencer Lee Says:

    Just heard from a buddy @ work (and fellow AU grad) that Pearl is official (which means I should stop misspelling his name and take the “e” off the end). :)

    Great, great pick up for AU men’s hoops! WDE!!!

  60. Tdog Says:

    I have no idea about basketball but apparently from you guys I see this Pearl thing as a big deal. Go us!

  61. Music City Tiger Says:

    4 amazing hires by Jacobs! Here’s hoping to me getting all excited for next years March Madness!

  62. JCMac Says:

    Bruce Pearl… so I guess we might have a basketball team next year.

  63. Walt Says:

    I’m actually excited about Auburn basketball. Amazing. Pearl won the press conference without a doubt. He’s got some serious excitement and looks like he’s injecting that enthusiasm into the program. Can’t wait to see what he does!

    The truly amazing thing is that this hire and the press conference even over-shadowed the first day of spring practice for football!