Auburn in the NFL draft

We need a new post…┬áRobinson and Ford in the 1st round!

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  1. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Great news for our guys… I know they’ll represent us well.

    Promotions for everyone!

  2. Tdog Says:

    Robinson and Tre both to the Rams. Sweet! And way to go Missouri teams for getting 3 Tigers!

  3. BigSwoll Says:

    Looks like Running Back U will continue to rep with ferocity in the NFL.

    Hey SpencerLee…… them tharr Raider sure do look like they got the draft class right this year eh?!

  4. Walt Says:

    Was glad to see Prosch drafted! I’m still amazed that a punter not named “Steven Clark” was drafted.

  5. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Prosch proves fullbacks are still relevant!

  6. Spencer Lee Says:

    Big Swoll, I was surprised with a solid draft by the silver and black…nicely done! As for post draft thoughts the AU/Rams connection is well publicized but the Cleveland Browns (according to AU alums still in the league) has the highest # of our former guys with several notables – Ben Tate and Karlos Dansby namely still hanging in there. Jason Campbell is on their roster as well. It will be interesting to see if he can stick with that club with the addition of Johnny Autograph. Even if he retired now he would have put together a 10 year career. Can’t think of another AU signal caller that spent that much time in the league. If Cam stays healthy he could surpass that….we will see.

  7. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt Steven Clark will be like virtually every other college kicker…trying to get on via free agent route. Teams know they don’t have to draft a kicker b/c all the good ones will still be around at the conclusion of the draft where they can sign whoever they want to see if they can beat out the current guy – unless the previous kicker retired. There is no little turnover among NFL kickers there’s no way to tell who will get a legit chance.

  8. Spencer Lee Says:

    OK, I’ll quit spamming the site…last item of the day – this just in “Kodi Burns to leave AU and coach RB’s at Samford.” All the best to a class guy! WDE Kodi!

  9. Spencer Lee Says:

    OK since it’s already Tuesday on the East coast I’ll make one more post – just because it’s novel. I played basketball tonight with Jawara White – formerly a LB w/ your AU Tigers. I can vouch for his athleticism. And for those that commented on how thin our LBs used to be, this guy was an exception. Anyway, he just finished his bachelors @ AU in Public Administration so if you know of a possible landing spot for him you can e-mail me (Mark has my address – just send him a note and he’ll give it to you.

    He’s a good kid and I’d like to help him out. Of course it’s worth noting he is no longer a student athlete so helping him with career possibilities/counseling/advice is not a concern of the NCAA or SEC.

  10. Walt Says:

    Spencer, I was just pointing out that there was a kicker drafted. I figured if any kicker was drafted it would be Clark. Hard to see him not landing somewhere with his ability to place the ball inside the 10.

  11. Spencer Lee Says:

    I heard that a kicker was drafted as well….my bad on that. He’ll get a chance and that’s all you can ask for.

  12. JC in FLA Says:

    I just read where Kodi Burns is joining Pat Sullivan as the RB coach. Wow, I loved that guy. He had the best attitude and was a dedicated player. You always noticed him on the sideline last year and had good thoughts of what a great guy he was/is !

  13. Music City Tiger Says:

    Everyone, read the nice article on The War Eagle Reader by our very own Walt!

  14. Walt Says:

    Link to the thing I wrote here:

    I forgot to mention it over here.

  15. Spencer Lee Says:

    Way to go Walt! Well said and I’ll echo – I still believe in Auburn…and love it dearly! :)

  16. Walt Says:

    Jovon Robinson will be coming back to Auburn. Our RBs in 2015 won’t be a stable, but a RANCH. Even once CAP and Corey Grant graduate.

  17. Spencer Lee Says:

    “…our RBs in 2015 won’t be a stable, but a ranch” – I’m stealing that line :)

  18. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Nice article Walt! You definitely have a talent for writing.

  19. Tdog Says:

    That was great Walt!! I laughed at the Parker Hall reference, I was there for EDay, showing some high school kids campus and they were oohing and ahhhing over all the buildings and then they were like “what’s that?” That would be Parker, which will never die! Lol

  20. Spencer Lee Says:

    Ah yes, Parker Hall – making non-science majors feel better about their decision for decades.

  21. Walt Says:

    Spencer, I showed an Army buddy of mine around campus today. He fully agreed that Parker does NOT fit in with the current very nice look of the campus.

  22. Spencer Lee Says:

    Your Army buddy is right…and I totally share your take – with all the buildings that have been dropped and replaced, why the heck hasn’t Parker been on the shortest of short lists for scheduled demolition?

  23. Walt Says:

    Hello? Hello? Hello?

    Echo. Echo. Echo.

    Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon… Manny Mota. Mota. Mota.

  24. Tdog Says:

    So, on my way back from San Antonio, on the plane I sat next to this nice older fella who lives in San Diego but is originally from Arkansas and is a HUGE Arky fan/alum. We had a wonderful conversation about all things football and how much we both dislike (or in his words !@#$!% HATE!) their coach. A few things I learned from that conversation:

    1. The alumni can’t stand Bert. He says it’s really hurt game attendance and the overall feel of game day.

    2. If the game goes as he thinks it will, he is actually going to pull for Auburn in the game opener, hoping if Arky loses bad enough, they’ll fire him. Soon.

    3. The hatred for Saban is universal. And Lame Kitten.

    4. Everyone in Arky cannot believe that they hired Bert and not Gus. They want Gus. Or anyone for that matter.

    5. He asked a lot of questions about Auburn, and really wants to come experience the game day atmosphere.

    6. Said watching AU play last year was just amazing and that we “Have something special going on down there!” and that he laughed hysterically when we beat Bama.

    It made the 1-hour flight go by super fast. Its probably the longest convo I’ve had with a Arky fan, and it was very enjoyable. Is it game day yet?!?!?!?

  25. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt I’m impressed you knew the Manny Mota reference…considering your lack of interest in baseball. :)

    Tdog, loved your story. I’m not really surprised that guy had that take on Bert. He’s a square peg trying to cram himself in a round hole…and has all the charisma of an surly IRS agent.

    p.s. I was just about to blow some tumbleweeds across the screen – thanks for throwing some content out here Walt and Tdog. :)

  26. Walt Says:

    I was purely going for the “Airplane!” reference, Spencer.

    And Tdpg, that story about Bert is pretty much what I’ve gathered from most Arky people. They are none to happy.

  27. Spencer Lee Says: – as noted in Wikipedia. I had forgotten that line – which surprised me b/c that’s one of my all time fav movies.

  28. Walt Says:

    First game of the Tallahassee Regional and my Eagles gave me a bit of vengeance upon the Noles! 7-0, two-hit, complete game victory for the Eagles! Facing Kennesaw State tomorrow since they knocked off Bama. Bama and FSU playing in the elimination game.

  29. Walt Says:

    Looks like our coaches for a nice (and well deserved) raise! Is it football season yet? I don’t want to wish away the nice, relaxing summer, but I can’t wait for this season to start.

  30. Walt Says:

    Stupid autocorrect changed “got” to “for”

  31. Spencer Lee Says:

    For the benefit of the lazy, what are the new numbers for the coaching staff

  32. Spencer Lee Says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Penny

  33. Music City Tiger Says:

    Things seem to be quiet this summer. Apart from the transfer of the Georgia DB, things seem to be pretty slow on the news front.

  34. Spencer Lee Says:

    True enough MCT. There was a pretty cool feature on C.J. Uzamah and his dad both now attending AU…that’s different. :) I would link to it but I’m having some difficulty typing right now….got my right foot in a boot. :(

  35. Tdog Says:

    RIP Tiger. You were a great bird, I always enjoyed looking at you and saying hi on my way to Haley back in the day. :(

  36. Music City Tiger Says:

    Spencer, leg is in boot, but you should be typing with your hand :p

  37. Spencer Lee Says:

    Good one MCT! :) That boot makes me lie in an odd position in the bed – which was all I was doing for a couple of days here at the house. Tying is a lot better now. :) But my time in the 40 would be about 20 seconds flat….and that’s what I could get from crutches. I’m telling you folks – it is REALLY weird to feel helpless if you’ve never had to experience it. Enjoy whatever health you have my Auburner family!

  38. JC in FLA Says:
    What a glorious game this was. My Gator bro were about 30 rows above Nix to Sanders….the place went nuts in the AU section. Everyone was hugging each other. The bro said about 2 words on the way back home…HA HA !!

  39. JC in FLA Says:

    OK, still go agreement with my cable provider on the SEC Network. I am getting nervous !

  40. Spencer Lee Says:

    JC in FLA, I can’t offer you any solace on your SEC Network angst – but I can tell you I watched the clip you shared all the way through twice. :) Love it!

  41. Music City Tiger Says:

    Is it football season yet?

  42. Spencer Lee Says:

    Football? No. Futbol? (like it or not) Yes

  43. Tdog Says:

    Futbol? We don’t need no stinkin’ futbol.

    We need Football! (I’d even settle for the devil’s Foosball).

  44. JC in FLA Says:

    USA/Germany at noon today….but, any game that can end zero/ zero ? Just something not right about that !

  45. Spencer Lee Says:

    Tdog, my sentiment exactly!