SB Nation’s Auburn site has a new manager.

Congrats Walt. I hope you can still find the time to stop by around here.

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  1. Walt Says:

    Thanks, Mark! I will always continue to hang around here. TheAuburner was the first Auburn-specific corner of the internet I discovered while deployed to Iraq in 2006 and you and Ryan kept my spirits up that deployment.

  2. Tdog Says:

    Whoa! Way to go Walt!! It’s like, one of the kids in high school who makes it to Harvard or something. ;)

    Gotta say, there’s some pretty smart/cool people around here (not only because they’re AU fans!)

  3. Music City Tiger Says:

    Congrats Walt! I look forward to good stuff from them!

    Was disappointed in their coverage this summer.

  4. Big Swoll Says:

    I think the content of the SBNaton AU group will flourish under the guidance of our friend Walt, congrats to you! Ima spend a lil more time there now, but Theaubuner is still my go-to-spot for War Eagle web news, now I just have a better option as well :) Walt, when do your duties there commence?

  5. Walt Says:

    MCT, the problem over the summer has been Chris taking a new job. And I don’t know why some of the other writers haven’t been publishing anything during that time. It’s going to take me a bit to get everyone ramped up and bringing some new people on board. If any of you have any interest in writing anything, let me know. SBNation wants 12-14 articles/week, but the preference is that there are enough authors on the site that no one has to write more than one/week to meet that goal. I’m just filling time right now with some ideas and jokes until I get everyone on board, assign duties, and then set a schedule.

  6. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt, BIG TIME props on your SB Nation / AU gig! That shop is in VERY good hands now. :)

    The Auburner and “” were the first 2 AU fan based sites I ever came across. I’ll always be home @ this site (and sadly the other is now defunct) but I’ll have to check yours out now Walt. Here’s hoping the post game cigar and scotch selections are the finest possible this Fall….but I’m curious if this management gig resulted in a particular scotch and/or cigar being pulled out for the occasion. :)

    Tdog, as always well put. Always cool when one of our own steps up in their place in the world…and we seem to have a pretty remarkable group in the Auburner Family. I salute each of you! :)

  7. Tdog Says:

    RIP Lutzy…i am beyond sad. He was such a great young man and member of the Auburn Family. I always hoped my son would be a great Auburn man like him. Prayers for his family, friends and teammates. WDE Lutzy. :(

  8. Music city Tiger Says:

    Its really sad about Phil. :(

  9. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Such a sad day for Auburn and UGA losing those athletes in this tragedy. Walt, maybe you could do #43 justice in your next article.

  10. Gaines Harrell Says:

    And not to forget the other passengers as well. Sad, sad day.

  11. Walt Says:

    I wrote something on it as soon as I heard the news. It was short and to the point. I don’t think I could do it any better than Jeremy Henderson did at TheWarEagleReader

  12. Bob Loblaw Says:

    RIP Lutzenkirchen.

    On and off the field, one of the best men to ever wear the uniform.

  13. Bob Loblaw Says:

    And on a happier note, congrats Walt. Considering everything we’ve read of yours over the years, you’re a great choice for the position. I just bookmarked the site and look forward to seeing what you do. (And I really hope AU schedules Furman at some point just to see how you handle that.)

  14. Walt Says:

    Auburn has scheduled Furman a good bit in the past. I’ll treat them with the hate I always have. What worries me is if Auburn ever schedules Georgia Southern again. Only once in my life have I pulled against Auburn, and that’s August 31st, 1991. I don’t know how I would approach that if it ever happened again. I’m going to have a story on that tomorrow continuing my series I started on Friday.

  15. Spencer Lee Says:

    Terrible, terrible news on Lutz. Just awful. Great kid. Great role model. Great competitor. RIP Lutz and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  16. Gaines Harrell Says:

    Very nice write up Walt. Things like this are difficult to fathom, and are almost incomprehensible. It’s sad that a mistake of this nature took the lives of these young men, and have devastated many families, including the Auburn and Georgia families. The blessings we count, though, are those that touched our lives and brought us joy. Phillip’s play on the field were joyous to watch, but pale in comparison to the things he did outside of the spotlight. An Auburn man if there ever was one, a soul that will be missed on this earth, an angel called home way too soon.

  17. Spencer Lee Says:

    Amen Gaines. The O-A News had a nice piece today…

  18. Thomas (formerly the Huntsville one, now the Charleston, West Virginia one) Says:

    Man, I was really bummed to hear about this… I found out from my mother when I spoke to her on the phone after church yesterday.

  19. JCMac Says:

    Such a sad day yesterday, War Eagle and RIP Lutz, this roll is for you.

  20. Walt Says:

    Congrats to Mark on the new addition! Just saw the Facebook post.

  21. Music City Tiger Says:

    Congratulations Mark!

  22. Spencer Lee Says:

    It’s been 9 days….cue the tumbleweeds :)

  23. Walt Says:

    Uggghhhhh, Marshall. I wrote about it on College and Mag if you want to see my thoughts.

  24. Spencer Lee Says:

    I sure as heck prefer tumbleweeds to that kind of news….ugh indeed. That, and a big ole “C’MON MAN!!!”

  25. Ft. Worth John Says:

    I like when a player a breaks away down the sideline and there are always coaches and players pointing in the direction that the runner should run. I guess that’s just in case he suddenly forgets.

  26. Music City Tiger Says:

    Walt, NCAA bans athletes based on drug usage, not possession. So how does this impact Marshall? Will NCAA leave it up to Auburn for the punishment or are their testers already on campus as we speak?

  27. Walt Says:

    Punishment is up to the school. If it’s his first offense of any type he may not miss any playing time at all.

  28. AuburnFish Says:

    Congrats, Walt! I don’t make it around here much until football season, but that’s great news for you!

  29. Music City Tiger Says:

    Walt, that makes sense, but I, for one, would like Gus Malzhan making a statement and sit him for our season opener.
    Carl Lawson to miss most of the season. Damn! Not worried about our DL, but Lawson had a great freshman year!

  30. Walt Says:

    Two ESPYs for the Kick Six and Iron Bowl! Very nice. One thing that was pointed out on Twitter: Sammie Coates was there, but Nick Marshall was not. You have to figure that Sammie being there was due to the catch that tied the game and that Nick was likely meant to be there as well. That’s one huge punishment that may get overlooked: missing out on the chance to be there on that stage.

  31. Spencer Lee Says:

    Punishment has many varieties – it’s not just running stadiums and/or running til you throw up. Being made to sit out that event – if in fact it was due to the weed citation – would get the point across.

  32. Spencer Lee Says:

    Hats off to former AU great Frank Thomas – entering the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend in Cooperstown. War Eagle! :)

  33. Tdog Says:

    OH….we picked up our snotty little sister (Clemson) for a Home/Home series in 2016-17.

    Sept. 3 2016. Jordan Hare. Bring it.

  34. JCMac Says:

    Is it football season yet?

  35. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt, great piece! :)

    and yes, 2 more shots @ Dabo. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  36. Spencer Lee Says:

    Just read the write up on Mark Ingram’s pivotal season with the Saints when I came across a couple of eye-popping quotes from Ingram:

    1) “Top to bottom I put our running back corps up with anybody in the league,”

    2) My key is to not be a running back, it’s to be a great football player.”

    So great, in fact, that moments after Ingram outlined his goals for his career path, he told ESPN and a couple other media outlets that he wants “to be the best back to ever play the freakin’ game of football.”

    Somebody get a drug test kit ready…. :)

  37. Spencer Lee Says:

    Nice piece on Cam…interesting stuff and footage

  38. Tdog Says:

    Spence, that is pretty amazing. I love seeing Cam back on campus, even more thrilled to see that our athletic staff is so top notch that they helped in his rehab. Gosh he’s such a great Auburn man. This should be a great series!

  39. Spencer Lee Says:

    Indeed that training staff is something else. That boot he was walking around in is the same one I’ve been wearing for 2 months. He did better than I did on rehab…..of course it doesn’t hurt to be a stellar physical specimen and around 25 years old. :)

  40. AuburnFish Says:

    Is the series on Cam on cable? If so, what channel?

  41. matt Says:

    just checking in… love to get yall’s opinion on how “little brother” is going to fair this year- especially on defense, I’m pretty unfamiliar with what players left, etc… I think UA loses at least a game in the regular season, maybe 2- the secondary is young- but I think 2 losses is the worst case scenario barring any significant injury issues

  42. Spencer Lee Says:

    matt my take on little brother is not so good I see a bunch of losses – maybe 5 or 6 but the fans over there in Hattiesburg are a pretty understanding bunch. As for AU I see 9-4 with one of the 9 being the bowl game. I would have said maybe 10-3 but the schedule is much tougher this year (playing 5 or 6 teams currently ranked and a lot of tough road games) and losing Alex Kozan for the year and Carl Lawson for either nearly all or all of the season will be a problem. Also new kickers but the new kids look promising. Also can’t discount good coaching and an influx of new playmakers…still I’ll stick with 9-4. uat has the 95th strongest schedule this year so they should moonwalk to at most 1 regular season loss…2 at the most. It would have been interesting to see how this uat team would have fared v. what the 2010 team had to go up against…but that will not happen this year. Good to hear from you matt!

  43. Spencer Lee Says:

    Nice try…but wouldn’t work in the real game show. Something about getting a letter means you get ALL those letters in the puzzle. :)

  44. Walt Says:

    Spencer, thanks for the kind words on the band article! And that Bama t-shirt is just horrible. There’s one similar for a lot of rivalries, there’s a company that specializes in classless rivalry shirts. The fact they let the Bama one get through their approval process without realizing the mistake is hilarious. Or maybe they did it on purpose to add to how stupid Bama fans can appear sometimes.

  45. Spencer Lee Says:

    Walt re: whether the classless rivalry t-shirt makers were either too dumb to know they goofed or decided to not correct the uat shirt to subliminally troll the tide…can’t rule out either of these explanations. Funny either way. :)

  46. Matt Says:

    One thing is for sure… Whoever buys that shirt has earned it ie: their literal stupidity badge

  47. Spencer Lee Says:

    good point :)

  48. JCMac Says:

    Hey folks, ESPN started to advertise the pick’em and our group is still up. I tried to get rid of the password option, but failed. pass: weagle if you want to play again this year.

    On other things, I can see most fan bases wear shirts just as moronic.

    On predictions, the 4 game stretch with A&M, Miss, S Carolina, and Georgia has me concerned.

    I think we drop one of those and bama goes down to the wire, which way, I don’t know.

    We will either nearly make the playoff or just miss it.

    For bama, I’m not sure… I know I think I would be more nervous this year than last year if I were a bama fan, but really who knows and it is hard to pick against Saban.

    I also think Miss and MSU will both have better records this year because of the current QB situation in the SEC. So look out for some upsets.

    On a side note recently, for those interested in college football history, I was informed of the origins of Ole Miss. I only have one source on this, but from what I understand Ole Miss, is what African American slaves called the master’s wife in the 1800s. I am fairly confident in my source, but if anyone can back it up or shoot it down let me know. I would say if it is true, that is pretty screwed up.

  49. Tdog Says:

    My tickets came in the mail!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!! Between that and the SEC Network coming on yesterday, I have the urge to start tailgating….now.

  50. Music City Tiger Says:

    Two weeks and a day to kickoff!!
    I want football and I want it now!

  51. Spencer Lee Says:

    JCMac I have an Ole Miss alum as a brother-in-law…and he would be up on that. I’ll ask. I always assumed the Miss was short for Mississippi and Ole was akin to the old South way of talking (e.g., my dog Ole Belvadere is over yondah).

    I’ll jump in on the Pick Em…need to try to reclaim my former title…I got bumped down to 3-5 or so last year – bronze medal at best.

    As for uat predictions, they have the 95th strongest schedule in the country. They could play my proverbial styrofome cup at QB and still win 11 games. We, on the other hand, had the SEC office shoot us the bird. Five ranked teams on the schedule – including the 2 best teams in the East. This would have been a good year to have uat’s schedule…then I’d be predicting a return trip to ATL. We shall see…

  52. Spencer Lee Says:

    OK…I’m in. It’s a 2 man party so far…and that AIN’T much of a party (no offense to you JCMac – you’re awesome and know that already) :)

  53. Ft. Worth John Says:

    Hey, I’m tied for 1st in the pick’em!

  54. Spencer Lee Says:

    You haven’t missed one YET Ft. Worth John! You are owning this Pick Em! :)