Auburn Christmas Lights

You’ve probably already seen it (thanks to JCMAC for posting it), but it deserves to be posted here too:

They claim to be pulling 130A to run this show. Based on their location (Spring, TX) and posted showtimes, I’d say they’re probably paying about $43 extra a week on electricity. I say it’s worth it (I wonder if they considered LEDs though).

4 Responses to “Auburn Christmas Lights”

  1. Jerrica Says:

    That is amazing…..and from Texas? Ironic? I think not. Go Muschamp!

  2. Mary B Says:

    That’s so awesome!

  3. Spencer Lee Says:

    as I told JCMAC earlier – this house ROCKED! WDE and HOOK ‘EM! :)

  4. BillJay Says:

    The most awesome part: you figured out their electric bill. There’s an Auburn engineering degree in action!