Booch Chiggin's Bama Review
by Ryan Booch

The Tide is back! After a stunning upset against Vanderbilt, Alabama sent a message to the world, “Hey, just because we haven’t had a good team in 10 years, doesn’t mean we can’t win in the SEC.” Crimson-clad fans adorned signs shouting “1-0” proudly as they are currently undefeated in the SEC.

When asked about the current winning streak (1 game) in the Southeastern Conference, Mike Shula said “I think we are finally good enough to stop talking about The Bear. I think we are good enough to start talking about how good we are now, considering we just put Vanderbilt in there place with an all-too-exciting 13-10 win (Saturday).” And indeed they did.


While “the other school” has been concerning itself with current successes, proud Crimson Rammer Hammers such as myself can take pride in how we used to not suck, in the glory days before the Internet, cell phones and automobiles. But those days are over, as Vanderbilt can clearly see.

Sarah Jessica-Parker Wilson commented on the epic struggle with the Commodores: “We put up a good fight and it just turns out that Vanderbilt sucked just a bit more than we did tonight. That’s pretty much what each of our games comes down to, whether the other team can suck it up just a little bit more than we can.” And the 4-3 turnover ratio in favor of Alabama proved to be just enough to keep Vanderbilt at the bottom of the SEC.

“Before the game, coach told us to go out there and give Alabama fans something other than decades-old glory story rants on message boards to retaliate the vicious Barner onslaught (success)” said “SEC’s best runningback” Kenneth Darby.

Considering our current situation, there is no shame in struggling against a team such as Vanderbilt. Instead of riding the wave pity that the nation feels for Alabama’s dissolving program, the Crimson Tide rose up to the challenge and overcame adversity.

My closing argument is this: the only reason that Alabama isn’t ranked is because they simply don’t want to. Being ranked in the top 25 are for sellouts and schools without tradition. Alabama will proudly refuse to move forward for as long as we can remember the old days, until which we will eventually have to create new memories and something new to be proud of… but until then, Roll Tide!

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